From: Tony Lin 化工系林少堅
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 9:24 PM
Subject: For the Reunion

It was a wonderful event that I will always remember.  It is hard to explain the joy and warm feeling that still linger in my heart.  Even though it has been more than two weeks after the reunion I still have the vivid memory of the wonderful time we had together at SF.  I was excited and happy to see all the good old friends from Tunghai after so many years.  Everyoneís appearance may have changed but to me we are still the same.  Thirty years have passed but we are still the same friends to each other, the same roommates and the same schoolmates.  The four years at Tunghai were probably the best time in my life.  We all have many more new friends since we graduated but the friends we had from the four-year college life will remain our best friends.


Thanks to everyone who put in the time and effort to make this reunion a success. My wife, 黃瑜玲,also had a great time.  She had seen old friends, 阿康 and his wife, and met new friends, 靖海 and others and toured Golden Gate bridge.   We were also treated with the wonderful Chinese food that we donít usually have in Pennsylvania, thanks to the hosts 手,靖海, 老二, 麗鵬.  I just hoped to have more time to talk to everyone.  Two days passed so quickly.  When are we going to meet again?  I hope it will be soon and longer.  Letís keep ourselves healthy (I play tennis 2-3 times a week to stay fit) so we can see each other years after years.  We need to find all the alumni that we have lost contact so no one is left behind.


When I listened to the 211-song CD I was reliving the 4-year memory.  Every song brings the joy of the good old days.  Thanks to Albert for putting together this wonderful CD.  I have tried before to find all the songs and now I donít have to labor any more.  The life at Tunghai and the friends I had from there will always be in my heart.  Letís keep in touch and hope to see all of you soon.



Appendix : 如何聽那張學生之音MP3 CD