About  that  學生之音  MP3 on CD-R

MP3 (MPEG 2 Layer 3)

For anyone who does not have a MP3 player there are other options to listen to the songs.  One is to install a MP3-able software, such as Real Player, on the computer and you will be able to listen to the CD if you have a CD-Rom on the computer.  Real Player is available for free download at http://www.real.com .  However, this option will restrict you in front of the computer.  To be able to use a regular CD player, which cannot play MP-3 songs, the MP-3 format will have to be converted to WAV format and then burned onto a blank CD.  Again you will need a computer and a special conversion software to do this.  A free software, dBpowerAMP Music Converter, for MP-3 to WAV conversion is available for download at http://www.dbpoweramp.com . After downloading and installing the free software on the computer, insert the 211-song CD in the CD Rom.  Copy the MP3 songs from the CD to a folder in the computer.  You can then select the songs and right click the mouse to bring up the pop-up menu and do the MP-3 to WAV conversion.  Just be aware that the WAV format will use up about 10-15 times of memory space than the MP-3 format of the same song.  If a MP3 song is 4 MB, the WAV version of the same song will be about 40-50 MB.  Therefore, you will need about 10-15 CDs to store all 211 MP3 songs from the single CD.  Once you convert the MP3 songs to the WAV format, you can then burn the WAV songs onto the blank CDs.  The CDs with the WAV-format songs will now play in your regular CD player.  This seems like a long process but this is the only way I know.  Maybe others will know a better way and can share with everyone.  (林少堅)