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From: Edward Tao
Date: Sep 3, 2007 9:13 AM
We moved to Shanghai area end of July, 2007
Our  new home is located at Contemporary Spirit Villa - Across from Minghang Sports Park. Detailed information has been updated on this website. Just click

Hope our Tunghai Classmates visiting Shanghai can stop by or contact me.
My cell phone and Internet phone are still good.
Take Care!

March 18, 2006


Good timing to catch me in the evening before departing to China.  Per our conversation, we are embarking to the trip to 'Weihai', Shangdong, China. i.e., 中國山東省威海(衛)市 ( ►video 新華書店 )

My wife, Weiming(蔡偉明), is taking a CFO position with a Cooper Tire J.V.( with a Shandong local tire company).  She has been working there since 2/11/2005.  I will be doing Quality Management Consulting work with several client companies in China.


Now, we have sold our house in Fort Wayne, Indiana, both our cars and disbursed a lot of things to start our new ventures in the mother land. It is certainly going to be challenging to say the least.

We will certainly miss our kids, friends, and our relatives here in the U.S.
Please pass along our new phone number (a Vonage Internet phone, 248-726-7688), bear in mind the time difference is 12 hours for EDT (the east coast) or 15 hours for PDT (California).

Please extend our sincere invitation to all our good friends!!!

陶宏鼎  Ed Tao   
at Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Friday 03/17/2006

On 3/19/06, Edward Tao <edtao@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi, Albert:
Just arrived at Weihaiwei hotel in Weihai. Everything is in order.
We are now officially "homeless" in the people's Republic now.