From: Thomas P. Chang 化工系張平康
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 8:01 AM
Subject: Reunion Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed those two days in SF as my ďKodak MomentsĒ.  Albert, Lorraine, Emily, and Maria had labored for months and this team did a super job that even the minor details were covered so well so all the attendees could just relax and enjoy the activities.  Thank you


Before leaving for SF from Taipei, I didnít know what to expect because this was the first class-reunion that I decided to join.  Trying to match the names with a few faces was a struggle.  Luckily, those big name tags helped.  30 years indeed left some marks on most but 王正 and a few ones have stood still in times.   


I am working in Taiwan now and came to SF for the reunion because there was a company meeting in Delaware.  I combined the two into one trip naturally.  After the reunion, I was told that the company meeting had been postponed.  So, I flew back to Taiwan and will fly again to US this week.  Itís worth it all that traveling because Tunghai do hold a special place in my heart, especially those old roommates and classmates.  We were young with a lot of dreams then.  Itís really sad that a few we knew so well, (余英宗 孫愷) are no longer among us.  Letís cherish our life and enjoy Godís gifts to us.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the 35 YR Class ReunionÖ.


Thomas Chang