The Cyber Reunion Continues....

From: Hron, Magdalen 建築系嚴慧玲
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 11:56 PM
Subject: RE: Reunion

Thank you very much for organizing this reunion. I just realized how many activities that I missed during this reunion. Next time I will spend more time on studying the website activities first. Being dumb once, always dumb.

I also want to thank each one of my old classmates for bringing back some of the

memories. All these years I have been looking forward to the next development or next phase of my growth and hardly paid any attention to my past. It was truly wonderful to see my classmates again. It is fun to see the unique character of each person hasnít changed much. We all still look to Lao-Hei(老黑) for instructions and actions; Tzu-Su(竹鼠) with 3 PhDs still acted crazy; Bao-Li(玻璃) is always very considerate and watching out for us; Willy(吳以禮) is still a gentle person after all these years; Won-Da(汪大) plan checks other architectsí work and gets even; Thanks to Won-Da(汪大)  that Chiang, Tsen-Wen(蔣鐵)  came for dinner. OH-Yang(歐陽) has been trained so well by his wife (張珂) I donít even remember how many hearts he broke back in the college or vice versa. Sar-Chi(沙雞) still looked the same maybe even younger, Gai-Fan(蓋飯) still acted like a mother-goose .......

OK. It was fun. George also commented that my classmates really did keep very well and did not look like 50+ men. I will keep in touch.

Thank you all again.