The Cyber Reunion Continues....

From: Chou, Chia-Shing 物理系周嘉興
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 11:39 AM
Subject: The day after reunion

Dear all,


Our 30-year reunion proved to be a great success. I am very proud to have been a part of it. Indeed, every one of us was the “主角 “ of the evening. I had the best time of my life. I know I speak for others in saying so. Thanks a million to the reunion committee.


I can still remember when I finally found the time on 8/18 to take a look at the 30-year reunion CD of the Class of ’72. I was sweating (冷汗). They were very good. It definitely was a benchmark to meet. I think we did it. Our 30-year reunion will be a benchmark for other classes as well as ourselves to beat in the future. I am proud of it.


I am especially proud of 林宣璋 for his 90-sec speech. We all know that he is not very good in public. Yet, he tried his best and did a very good job with this short speech. He said it all. We all could “蹺課“ back in our Tunghai days, but not at this 30-year reunion.


I am very proud that we (i.e. the Physics Dept) won the third place of the 苦口婆心獎 at last. Thanks a lot to Chester(李德恪) for his efforts. In addition, I would like to thank 賴聲羽 for his last minute participation. It gave me a fighting chance to win this award. I must admit that I went through a long fight for this award. The fight truly extended from “台下“ all the way to “台上 “.  It was fun and very “精彩“. Chester(李德恪), I will send the plaque to you when it is made. I am planning to pick it up on Saturday (8/28).


It caught my eye that 周玉暮‘s name was on the “flag” when I was signing in at the reunion registration. Quickly, I realized that she must have participated in the reunion at Taichung. As far as I know, she could be the only member of the Physics department who participated in the reunion at Taichung.


The breakfast with our (i.e. Tunghai’s) new President was great. It appears that our new president is the right person for the job. I hope he can carry out his great ideas for Tunghai University. He will need help from all of us naturally. On the other hand, from his speech, I feel that our old days at Tunghai may be gone forever. We are truly “稀有動物 “ now and the bond between us can only be stronger.


We had a great birthday party for 李魁明, whose birthday happens to be on 8/20. Thanks a lot to 林宣璋 and 紀光愷 for the dinner arrangements. Thanks a lot to 林宣璋 for the birthday cake as well. He insisted on paying for it. It was very nice of him. Finally, I think 杭國宏 surprised everybody by his wonderful gifts for the birthday star,李魁明, as well as separate gifts for all of us. I will treasure the gift very much. Thanks a lot to him.


On the lighter side, it truly is possibly that someone can become famous in just one evening i.e. “一夜成名”. 王正 of 工工系 did it without too much trouble. I think he is cute.


Finally, the donation and raffle funding raising for 伍月華 have brought in very significant proceeds. Thanks a lot for the support from everybody. It shows our care for each other in times of need. Please remember that the donation to 伍月華 is an on-going effort and not just limited to the reunion. Our contribution to her will help with her personal expenses and improve her quality of life as well as her recovery tremendously.


Looking forward to seeing you at our next reunion,