小心手機掉進馬桶裡  ( 非法轉載! )

When nature calls, cell phone owners should answer carefully
Posted 4/4/2005 2:22 PM Updated 4/4/2005 2:25 PM
By Stanley A. Miller II, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via AP
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MILWAUKEE Lexi Phillips answered the call of nature and soon heard an alarming splash: Her cell phone toppled into the toilet.

It wasn't the first time the 19-year-old had lost her Motorola to the Kohler.

"Both times, my cell phone was in my back pocket.... It fell out and went right into the bowl," said Phillips, a cosmetology student who lives in Milwaukee.

Mobile phones are the most popular personal technology around, but the ability to take them anywhere including the occasional trip to the bathroom carries risks. Plumbers, building managers, cell phone insurers and repeat offenders such as Phillips say such phone fates are more common than many people realize.

Those most vulnerable are people who seem forever tethered to their phones active young adults and mobile professionals.

On two occasions, several months apart, Phillips' mobile phones were powered on when they plunged into the porcelain bowl in her west side home. She went after them both times. She tried drying them out to no avail.

Yet a third phone has fallen victim to the perils of Phillips' bathroom, slipping off the edge of the sink into several inches of water.

In addition to the costs of replacing the phones and the inconvenience of being disconnected, Phillips discovered another hassle that comes when your phone takes a swim.

"I lost all these new phone numbers I had just put in," she said, noting that she had not bothered to write them down. "Also, there were some numbers of people who have moved away, so I can't contact them. I will have to wait until they call me."

Phillips isn't alone in her phone fiascos.

Tracy Robertson, an information technology manager in Chicago, saw his cell phone slip from its belt clip and drop into the toilet just as he was "buckling back up."

"It was one of those things, where it was the perfect timing and the perfect position," Robertson said. "It just went in, just as it was flushing, too."

He tried to catch it, "but I'm a butterfingers I guess.... It was one of those things that happened in the blink of an eye. It was 'whoosh,' and then it was gone. There was no chance to even grab it. It was probably as fast as that stupid toilet has ever flushed."

Little did he know he would be reunited with his phone a few days later.

"The toilet was working fine, but then it started backing up, eventually," Robertson said. "I had to remove the toilet from the floor in order to get it out."

The retrieval-and-repair project took about an hour including "wife-over-the-shoulder time" and when Robertson yanked it out, the waterlogged phone wouldn't turn on. He dried it out to see whether it was a lost cause because it was a company phone.

"But after pulling it out of there after a few days, well, I really wouldn't have wanted to use it anyway," he said.

Vince Ingrilli Jr. of Vince Ingrilli & Sons Plumbing Co. in Wauwatosa, said that his shop has pulled mobile phones out of toilets over the years, mostly in local restaurants and bars.

"It happens late at night," Ingrilli said. "We get the call in the morning. They don't always tell you what is down there.

"You might be in and out of there in a half-hour if you can pop it out from the top," said Ingrilli, whose family has been in business for about 50 years. "If you can't see it or it lodges in the throat of the bowl, you're going to need to replace the whole thing."

Ingrilli said that sometimes a stuck phone can be melted out by heating up a probe that plumbers use and snaking it down the drain.

"It's good for getting other things out, too," he said.

Neil Strother, a senior analyst with the research firm Instat MDR who specializes in mobile devices, said it's difficult to determine how many mobile phones meet their end in the drain.

Manufacturers don't offer many water-resistant devices, he said. Only a few handset makers, such as Motorola, offer "ruggedized" lines of mobile phones designed for emergency workers that can survive being dropped in water.

Strother estimated the truly water-tough phones ones that could survive being dropped in a toilet represent as little as three percent of the wireless handset market.

"Any little increase in cost for a basic phone, and there has to be a good reason for a manufacturer and wireless carrier to do that," he said. "Phones are so cheap now, it just makes more sense to offer them cheaper instead of ruggedized water-resistant."

Some waterlogged cell phones can be revived if you remove the battery and then let them dry for several days, Strother said.

Michael Powers, vice president of product management at Asurion, the second-largest provider of wireless phones insurance in North America, said the number of claims last year had "gone up dramatically" compared with previous years, but declined to give specific numbers, citing competitive reasons.

About 175 million people own cell phones in the United States, compared with about 4.3 million in 1990, according to the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. Powers estimates that about 30 million U.S. cell phones are insured.

Powers said that last year about 20% of the claims coming in were because phones were damaged by some kind of liquid, including "being dropped in a lake, pool, and, yes, in toilets."

Another 20% were damaged by being dropped on terra firma, and the rest were stolen, he said. The number of claims are rising in part because of the popularity of camera phones, Powers said, noting that "as phones get smaller and more things get put in them, more things can go wrong."



美國國家工程研究院最近公佈新院士名單 , 共有三位華裔學者入選 , 本刊上期僅提及吳京院士及陳惠發教授 , 尚有一位獲此殊榮者為本院新科院士 , 著名之電子工程專家施敏。施院士為台大電機工程學士 , 美國史丹佛大學博士 , 現任交通大學教授。他對現代微電子科技(Microelectronics)的發展有重大貢獻 , 是半導體元件物理及製程技術的權威。他在經濟部電子工業小組委員任內 , 協助成立工研院電子所 , 對開拓我國電子工業有前瞻性的建樹。

施敏 , 是非常厲害的人物 , 之前在貝爾實驗室研究 , 幾年前才回到國內 , 是大哥大四個發明人之一 , 寫過一本半導體元件物理 , 發行量大概已有一兩百萬本 , 被論文引用的次數約兩萬多次(據說是世界第一) , 這樣說只是想傳達一位學術界上很有地位的學者的看法而已。

施敏先生在一場Evolution of Nonvolatile Semiconductor Memory的Seminar時再三的強調關於手機的危險性 , 他引用美國目前研究的數據:人類如處在 2mG (毫高斯) , 就會有不好的影響 , 並當場示範 , 只使用可在10~200Hz(赫茲)範圍內的儀器 , 量的的結果是:手機超過了儀器的上限 1000mG , 而手機所用的微波範圍在 2000,20000Hz 或更高。

他在國家實驗室所量的結果可以到達1~2萬 mG (毫高斯) , 這是通話中所量測的 , 更別提是在接通中了。本實驗所用的手機是 motorola 的 , 其他的品牌也不會好到哪去。

他舉一個在日本的朋友為例 , 他每天跟女友用手機聊天超過8小時 , 結果辦了第三天就掛了。

施敏教授又做了一個例子 , 就是用耳機來講手機 , 在耳機旁所測的電磁波約是10 mG(因為電磁波是成指數的衰減) , 所以他做了強力的建議:

就是千萬不要用手機來談情說愛 , 有急事才適用。最好不要超過一分鐘 , 而且最重要的是:一定要用耳機 , 不用簡直是一種慢性的自殺!

  1. 使用手機五年可能會致癌。
  2. 手機掛在左腰比在右腰好。
  3. 最好不要掛在身上,最好放在背包。
  4. 手機越迷你,輻射越強。
  5. 最好用耳機聽。

小心使用手機 , 請好好閱讀 , 這是忠告。

因為手機在接收訊號和發射訊號時 , 是利用高頻率的波來傳遞的 , 所以你可以把他想像成就是光 , 只是頻率不一樣而已。而人體由原子所構成 , 每個原子都有能階 , 如果剛好能接收這樣的入射波的話就會吸收能量 , 這和微波爐的原理是一樣的所以還是得小心一點喔...

剛剛我在電視上 TVBS 新聞中 , 有一則關於手机的新聞 , 被訪問者是一個研究員 , 他說他有一個朋友在大陸經商 , 用了五年的手機 , 最近竟然在耳朵到臉頰的部分出現了癌細胞 , 分佈的形狀就是一個手機的形狀 , 動手術還把肉「挖掉」 , 你還敢用?那位研究員還說 , 用一分鐘的手机 , 靠近耳朵的腦細胞溫度會上升1.5度細胞雖然不會死 , 但是細胞中的基因卻會壞死。除了這些之外 , 手機用多還會有失憶 , 提早老年痴呆的症狀 , (但是不會禿頭啦!呵呵呵....)所以 , 除非必要 , 還是少用手機 , 多用公用電話吧 ! !

有手機的人越來越多 , 參考一下吧 ! !


方基存曾和幾位醫師為行動電話該掛在左腰 , 右腰有過深入討論 , 最後一致結論是:左腰是較佳的選擇。因為 , 左側的器官較少 , 即使腎臟也位於後腹腔 , 被耐受性較強的腸子遮蔽 , 影響有限;反觀右腰除腎臟外 , 還有對電磁波耐受性不強的肝臟 , 危險性較大。

以下的結果是我與朋友從廠商得到的相關訊息 , 及實驗的結果:手機收訊越強代表來源電磁載波越強 , 尤其是強調在電梯 , 地下室 , 隧道都可收到訊號的手機及門號公司 , 這些門號公或手機廠商為了滿足收訊無死角會相互配合如加強手機上晶片的功能與基地臺的加建 , !但是這只是讓通訊電磁波可以涵蓋更廣的範圍與可收到訊息 , 但真正要達到收訊清楚 , 就要加強電磁載波與幅射訊號。

手機越小越需要更強的電磁波訊號 , 才能訊號完全 , 所以當妳聽到有人手機很迷你 , 功能很強 , 收訊很好時 , 不要羨慕 , 當妳聽到有人可以在電梯地下道 , 隧道收到手機訊號 , 不要羨慕 , 這所透露出一個訊息是:他的手機電磁波訊號是妳的好幾倍!想想看 , 電磁波要透電梯殼 , 地下道等鋼筋水泥障礙物再到妳的手機上 , 需要多強的訊號 , 這等於是妳站在微波爐前沒有將門板關上 , 直接啟動微波爐一樣。

  • 姓名中文:施敏英文:Simon M. Sze
  • 出生年月日:(西元)1936年3月21日 當選院士屆數第20屆
  • 學歷國立台灣大學電機系學士(1957)
  • 美國華盛頓大學電機系碩士(1960)
  • 美國史坦福大學電機系博士(1963)
  • 經歷美國貝爾實驗室研究(1963-1989)
  • 國立交通大學電子工程系教授(1990 - )
  • 國立交通大學電子與資訊研究中心主任(1990-1996)
  • 國科會國家毫微米元件實驗室主任(1998 - )
  • 專長半導體元件物理 , 積體電路製程技術


  • 中山學術獎(1969)
  • IEEE J. J. Ebers 獎(1993)
  • 中央研究院院士(1994)
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