SMS warning on ‘zulican virus’ a hoax !


Saturday January 1, 2005

KUALA LUMPUR: Ignore an SMS saying that a “very dangerous zulican virus is spreading
through seafood”. 

Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek advised people not to spread or listen to such
rumours following the tsunami disaster.  “The Health Ministry is always on the alert and will
keep the public informed of any new developments, including infectious diseases. 

Everything is under control so far,” he said.   According to the Malaysian Medical
Association (MMA), the so-called virus does not exist. 

MMA president Datuk Dr N. Arumugam said he had also not received any report of
sudden surges in food-poisoning cases, even in states badly affected by the tsunami,
like Penang and Kedah. 

The people would be safe as long as they did not eat the decaying fish washed ashore
during the tsunami, he said. When told that some variations of the SMS cited the MMA
as the source of the alert, he said: “Perhaps some people have nothing better to do,
so they decide to stir things up.” 

In Petaling Jaya, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal said
his ministry would continue to monitor fish prices, supplies and sources to ensure price
stability and food safety following the tsunami disaster. 

He said the ministry was working closely with the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board
to monitor the prices as well as to ensure that the fish were sourced from non-contaminated

-----Original Message-----
Received: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 1:57 PM
Subject: FW: Don't eat fish for a while

Reported in all Chinese media in Hong Kong.

Don't eat fish for a while .  
Thousands of fish Died at Telok Bahang after the tsunami.  
Very dangerous virus called ZULICAN is spreading through sea food.
So do avoid eating seafood including fish balls.
And pass this onto friends overseas in Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East.  
Where we are aware of this info in Asia, the unscrupulous will export the fish balls
to destinations outside of Asia.  Processed fish balls are ALWAYS made from dead fish.  
Trouble is you don't really know if those fish died while having this virus.