物理系       Continued from previous posting








Date: 7/12/2004 7:15:44 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: from Lao Mei

Hello Chia Chou!

Actually the reason I didn't answer is because none of the communications were addressed to me.  Also, I don't have any idea when and where the reunion will take place and who will be attending.  If convenient, please let me know these details.

I believe it is because Li Chunghao gave you my name at a very late stage in the planning that I missed out on a lot of information.  I would still be happy and honored to participate if I can find out when and where the event will take place.

Best wishes,


Date: 7/13/2004 12:16:50 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: from Lao Mei


Dear 老美,


Welcome aboard. My apologies for this belated welcome to you. You have no idea about the significance of your attendance, perhaps. Allow me to share with you my    ‘心聲路程


Date: 6/17/2004 4:17:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: tunghai ren for life


物 理 系 與 化 學 系 are supposed to have high attendance because 旅美 同 學 比 例 高. You can check our full statistics by clicking that chart on 來 賓 名 冊 page.

I was proud.


Date: 6/17/2004 11:06:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: tunghai ren for life


You may not know us. I am pretty sure that most of us know your name (陸 孔 卿). It is indeed good to hold onto our Tunghai connection. But, for now, we have a job to do. We never consider ARCH is our arch rival. Yet, they come up so strong this year for some reason. We won't give in easily though. They still will have to come up with goods.

I had a feeling that we might be in trouble at the time.


Date: 7/10/2004 6:32:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Attendance Race


Congratulation to 化 工 系. As of today, they are now No.3 = 社會系. While 經濟系, 建築系 maintain their leads. It is confirmed; we are in trouble.


Date: 7/11/2004 5:38:05 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: SF2004


昨 天 我 查 閱 報 名 記 錄﹐發 現 你 們 化 工 系 後勁 很 強, 出 席 人 數 漸 漸 地 趕 上 。目 前 居 然 平 社 會 系 的 第 三 名。http://www.tunghai74.org/committee/projection.gif
註﹕物 理 系 很 有 潛 力 ﹐ 很 有 可 能 衝 上 來 與 社 會 系﹐化 工 系 一 起 搶 銅 牌

This is very encouraging.


I just did a quick calculation. With 6 people registered for our department so far. You will increase our attendance rate by about 16.7%. This is very significant. You just gave us a just in time “強心劑 “.  (This is a quick review of your Chinese.)


Thank you very much,









Date: 6/29/2004 5:06:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Eng/Phy/Math, Music, etc.


Dear all:

I have been quiet for a long time, it seems I have to say something! I have enjoyed reading your mails; there are so many memories, so many old dreams inside them.

I remember the songs what we sung at dream valley
"Bu-zu-ga-ga-to-wa-ha" and "a big carabao came down from the mountain" (carabao is  Philippine buffalo), it's a lovely night when we were freshmen!

We lived together at Room 526: 小 紀, 德 勳, 嘉 興 and me. 德 恪 joined us later. We shared the bitter of Exams and the joys of B.B.Q., singing, dancing, and talking about girls...

When we talk about the old things, those old memories come back to me...I remember the song of "Yesterday once more", one of our favorite old song, but now it describes our present feeling!

Best Regards,

Andrew 隆 志


Date: 7/1/2004 6:41:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Music for Physic Dept photo show?




Finally you are talking.  Did you write yourself?  You said your English is no Good.  So your excellent Email must be done by some one else, like your pretty/young secretary.

But, you Email just in time.  Since you, Chia-Shing, and Teh-Shween, all talked about and memorized this wonderful Indonesia song, so Albert Yang asked if anybody can find it's CD, so we can play it during 8/20 SF re-union, when we play the power point projection of PHY department photos. So you three started it to raise everybody's interest, you three can finish it by providing the CD to us. At least, Andrew (or Lung-Chi) can sing it and record it, then send to us.  Right?

(Since you like "Yesterday Once More" so much, I should act as pushy as I was during our freshman year in room 526.) 

Now, it was lucky for us that Chester was playing pool when we had our Dream Valley BBQ.  If Chester went, all those girls would just surround him and forgot about all those songs. Then we'll have no "Bu Lu Ga Ga" or  Burung kakatua  or  Cakatoo bird…




Date: 7/2/2004 2:42:41 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Music for Physic Dept photo show?


Dear 光愷,


Why do you want to pick on Andrew again? Unlike Andrew, I was only quiet for a few days.


I was actually thinking to write a Chinese e-mail to surprise Andrew. But, I had to give it up. Not enough time as always. Time flies.


Andrew: Albert Yang can convert the song into a digital file if we can provide him with even just 簡 譜 . Do you think you can do that? I was hoping Der-Shween can work with his wife to get it. Of course, it would be a lot better if you can sing and record it. Then, we can debate about the definition of ‘attending’ the re-union, since your voice will be here.




P.S. How many people were in a room? How come we can only account for 5 people in room 526? There were 3 bunk beds, right?



Date: 7/3/2004 9:26:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Music for Physic Dept photo show?


Chi, Chia, and Chiu,

Vickie and I have just completed the Bu-Zu-Ga-Ga ç°ˇ č­ś right now (in the library).  She thinks I have made many of my own interpretation on the rhythms.  In addition, she has corrected some of the spellings.  As a result, the lyrics I sent last time may need minor changes.  Anyway, it is in good shape now and I will hand deliver to you, Chi, when I visit SF in two weeks.
Keep in touch,



Date: 7/4/2004 8:56:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Music for Physic Dept photo show?




We really envy you now. You are a lucky guy. We owe you one. In the mean time, you owe us a big one too. This really is a great husband and wife project.


In essence, you have participated in the re-union by this music already. This may give you another justification to come, don't you think? We never give up, do we?


Thanks a lot,











Date: 7/15/2004 9:03:19 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: The timing is interesting


Dear All,


I could only admire 小紀, 陳德勳, and monkey when they talked about their dreams of , since I usually don’t have that kind of dream for some reason. Well, guess what? came to my dream right before I woke up this morning. The timing is very interesting, of course.


He looked relaxed and pleasant. Needlessly to say, that he looked the same as before. It is my nature that I don’t show a lot of emotion usually. So, we just sat down and had a causal get-together conversation.


He seems not having too much idea about it has been 30 years after our graduation. I had to remind him and I didn’t know if he cared about it or not. I didn’t feel much about this, since I was the same way when Chester called me about our 30-year re-union.


We were talking about what do we do after graduation. This is what went wrong. I thought I asked about it first. He probably didn’t answer me. Then, I began to talk about myself. It seems that he did joke about that I have changed away from Physics as we normally do to each other, and I was explaining to him. Then, things became blur and I woke up. It is too bad that we didn’t have a longer conversation. This is probably due to the fact that I don’t have deep sleeps and wake up frequently over these years.


I take this as his way of reporting to our 30 year re-union. This is the best he can do under the circumstances. He really can’t get into my dream during our banquet; unless, of course, I am very drunk. As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, he has passed down many words to me. In short, it looks like ‘ monkey’ is doing well.





Date: 7/15/2004 11:32:46 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: The timing is interesting, Way to go!



陳家驊 actually talked and joked to you in your dream! So you are having a re-union across the Dimensions.  He possibly did  tell you about what he did after entering the other  world. But since it is so "out of this world" and you can not comprehend it anyway, so it just seems blur to you...   Ha Ha!

Great to know that he looked relaxed and pleasant. As you said, a picture worth a thousand words!





Date: 7/15/2004 4:24:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: The timing is interesting, Way to go!


This is spooky or spiritual. I thought physics-majors are scientists who must "prove" everything, such as 'Is there a God?'

You guys remind me of Jody Foster in that movie "Contact" by Carl Segan's book.



Date: 7/15/2004 6:40:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: The timing is interesting, Way to go!



Spooky or not, it's great for us to talk about that topic light-hearted. Right?

BTW, I can use the NJStar to write Chinese now at my home PC. Thanks a lot!




Date: 7/16/2004 8:33:33 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: The timing is interesting, Way to go!


Dear Albert,


I was sitting tight for a day. Just to see how many blows I will get. There were only two so far. That’s not so bad.


I sort of understand what you are saying. But, please take it easy. We Physics-majors are human beings too. We can have dreams from time to time.


‘Highland Award’ was the highest award within Hughes Aircraft Company. I had the honor to have a dinner with Mr. Highland several years ago. (I didn’t win the award. I was an officer of the Sigma Xi Scientific Society and could sit at the head table with our honored guests.) Mr. Highland was over 90 years old at the time. The reason he came was to listen to the talk of that night. It was to do with how our brain works. (I forgot about the exact title now, although I was the one who arranged it.) Our brain is actually very complicated, as you know. We really couldn’t control what will come to our dreams. There were times I wish I could dream more about my parents. I just couldn’t think too much about that after a while.


So, please don’t think so highly about us Physics-majors. We are just like you fortunately.


I do enjoy Jody Foster’s movie ‘Contact’. Based on my understanding, it is somewhat different. I think they were trying to use a very strong field to cross into the forth dimension. Although it felt like a dream to her at the end, it was supposedly a result of possibly crossing into the forth dimension. In my case, it was just a dream.





周嘉興 (Chia-Shing Chou)


Date: 7/11/2004 9:24:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Reminder


Dear All,


The communication of the past week looks to be slowed down somewhat on surface. In reality, there were two small groups talking to each other separately that I know of.


Group 1 involves David (國宏), 阿雄 and me. We had fun with some causal conversations and I had learned a lot from 阿雄 with respect to how people drink during business social in Taiwan. To me, drinking is quite straightforward and just need to finish the drink in front of you. According to 阿雄, you actually need to have some planning. No wonder I almost passed out every time when I social in Taiwan.  阿雄 has not changed. He is sill very 健談. No wonder he is so successful in business.


Group 2 involves Lili, 宣璋, Kuang-Kai, Teh-Shween and Tung-Liang. They are planning a get together party for Teh-Shween when he visits San Francisco around 7/17.  I don’t have as much fun with this group. In fact, it tortures me every day. I really want to join them, but I shouldn’t. I will have to say ‘no’ this time. It is really not easy to say ‘no’ to old friends.


I would like to take this chance to remind all of you to send in your photos or a PowerPoint file to me as soon as possible. (I have received files from Chester and Kuang-Kai so far.) Chester brought up a few good points. We may run into some glitches due to different versions (e.g. Windows 2000 vs XP) or formats (e.g. animation) of PowerPoint when I put everyone’s photos together into a big file for our departmental presentation. So, we should allow ourselves a little bit more time.


There are a few people, namely 周玉暮, 廖翠真, 張於正, 劉增喜, 李植孔 and 賴聲羽 that we haven’t heard much from. I apologize for the ‘點名‘. Please remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, if you are too busy to write. Therefore, please start to look for or produce the photos for our departmental presentation. Thanks


Bob (賴聲羽), I have thought about sending you a welcome aboard note. But, there is no need. We all are on the same boat. Over the years, some of us have become closer to 老美, just like what we called you before. It will be great to hear from you.


Best regards,





Date: 8/1/2004 11:19:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Second call for photos


Dear All,


Time flies. It is already August 1, and we are dangerously behind with our departmental PowerPoint presentation. As a result, we must do it now. According to my record, 紀光愷, 杭國宏, 李德恪, and 李魁明 have sent me either their PowerPoint files or photos. If anyone else thinks s/he has sent me files or photos, please let me know, since I didnt receive them. Therefore, I still need photos from 隆志, 吳信元, 王浰莉, 陳德勳, 賴聲羽, 林宣璋, 張棟樑, 沈國雄, 廖翠真, 周玉暮, 張於正, and 劉增喜. This is really a very long list. We must do it now.


I would like to send our complete PowerPoint presentation to the reunion committee before 8/8/2004, so that they have a few days to put it together with the rest of the departments. In addition, I would like to have at least a couple of days to work on it. Therefore, we have no time left. Please dig out some photos and sent them to me. Thanks.


My apologies for not reminding you somewhat earlier. I was tied up with my own problems at work. We were behind with our second lot schedule, too. Needless to say, our schedule at work is important to me as well.  In any case, lets pick it up. Please send me some photos or PowerPoint files as soon as you can. Thanks.


Someone suggested using a Chinese poem as part of the background for our presentation. One example would be 驀 然 回 首來 時 路, 也 無 風 雨 也 無 晴‘. I think it is a very good idea. It can add some depth to our presentation, in my mind. The poem can be for some individual or for our whole department.  Is there any suggestion on the Chinese poem?






Date: 8/2/2004 10:39:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: FW: Second call for photos


Dear Classmates:


I understand that some of you may have concerns for your own privacy issues arising from either sending in your photos or disclosing your contact information.  We have recently worked with the reunion organizing committee to further clarify the privacy statement for the reunion.  Please see the modified privacy statement as attached which has also been published on the www.tunghai74.org website.  This modified policy basically explains how your information will be used.  And if you have any concerns, we will make sure that your information is further protected.  Please let me know if you have any concerns.


Also please note that your e-mail addresses have been included in our departmental postings in the past.  We are take steps to remove them as soon as we can.  I hope this will alleviate any of your concerns.  Please write to me if you have any questions.  If you are satisfied with what we do to protect your privacy, I also want to encourage you to send in your PowerPoint slides or photos as Chia Chou has requested below.  Thank you.


Chester Lee        









Date: Re: Bean Visit to SF, Dinner of 7/17, Sat.

Subject: 7/20/2004 5:50:51 PM Pacific Standard Time


Greetings all,

After a whole-day flight in the sky yesterday, I safely arrived home before the dark.  My dog approached me with fast rotating wriggling tail ... expecting some good treats from SF ...

With me I brought back wonderful memory from the resturant, Tung-Liing's home, and Kuangkai and Karen's home ... the time I shared with my old friends (from college days) and their families.  I have enjoyed every moment of it and wish I could have stayed longer.  Who knows when will be next time ...

Lili: Thanks for joining us in the middle of a busy schedule.  I appreciate it very much.  You look as young as 30 years ago ... unbelievable ... no gray hairs ... with a lot of determination ... besides being a wonderful daughter and a considerate sister you must be a great mom and a good wife ... what can I say ... you are from Tunghai Physics and it speaks for itself ... I am proud of being your classmate ...

Tung-Liong: You missed the party, but I was so glad to hear your voice from Korea.  You have a good-looking wife and, as a result, a beautiful daughter. After so many years, I was surprised to find out that you have turned out to be a very romantic man ... one of a few among our classmates ... Besides working hard, please take care of yourself so that you can enjoy your big house and may be the 40-yr reunion.

Hsuan-Chang: I made a big mistake ... your son looks more like you than your wife ... that is for sure ... However, without your wife, could you have him by yourself ... probably not, right?  I am glad to hear that you are partly retired ... can be served as my guideline for my retirement in 2 years ...  Please keep in touch and say hello to C-10 and his wife for me ... I am glad we have common friends outsides the Tunghai circle ... guess how small the world is ...

Karen and Kuang-Kai:  Thanks for everything ... what can I say ... one meal after another ... when my wife picked me up from the airport, the first thing she said was "you have gained weight" ... that is really incredible for me under the recent stressful situation.  Spiritually, I have also enjoyed much from the "3-star pile" via "Buddhism" and "Chinese herb" to "CHI".  I need to digest for a while before I can react all these impacts properly.  By the way, my wife likes the fruits very much and I think, as the first step, she does not object to moving to SF even though that means live poorly ... It is a strategic move and may take a while to successfully persuaded her to actually move with me.  The stories continue ...

Finally, thanks again and please remember me ... The library will close in a few minutes and I have to go home now ... even though I am still in the California time zone ... I miss that ...














Date: 6/27/2004 6:08:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Greetings again from David H. 國 宏


To all my dear friends,

Thanks to Chester (德恪), I'm now able to use the most completed contact list to communicate with all of my old friends. For those of you, who are receiving my email (國宏) for the first time, please accept my sincere regards to you and your family.

For those of you, who had already exchanged a few emails with me in April and May, stop wondering why I didn't reply your emails. I'm still alive and did not just disappear into the thin air. I was simply taking an extended vacation, with Joanne and the kids, to Alaska from the beginning of June and just got back 3 days ago.

We flew to Anchorage from Tampa, Florida, spent the first week exploring Denali National Park up north, and Kenai Fjords National Park down south. The second week, we were cruising those glacier bays on Coral Prince from Whittier to Vancouver. Finally, we had a few days of family reunion in Vancouver.

It was quite refreshing for us to get away from the 90-degree heat of Florida and see the glaciers and the iceberg filled inlet bays. My son, Jonathan (16 yrs old) and my lovely daughter Jessica (11) enjoyed the nature, as well as the teen clubs on the cruise. In the wildness of Alaska, Joanne and I enjoyed the quietness, the out-of-touch feeling, no cell phones, no computers and no noises. On the cruise ship, the view of the snow caped mountains and their mirrored reflections on the smooth surface of the icy water seemed to soothe our souls and made our minds clear.

Now I'm back and going through all the emails you send to me, I couldn't help to share my observation with Kuang-Kai (光 愷), Chia-Shing (嘉 興) and Der-Shween (德勳) since there were a lot of fireworks between you three and it's not even the 4th of July yet! Hopefully the cool Artic air I brought back would bring you truce.
For Kuang-Kai, I believe that everyone who read the article your wrote in memory of Chia-Hua was touched. I hope, when one day, I'm gone, you can write something for me, and I promise that I'll show up in your dreams with big smiles.
For Chia-Shing, you seemed to have an unlimited energy supply that everyone would envy. If you're seeking for an approval from your classmates, you have mine already.
For Der-Shween, you seemed to be a reluctant champion, you simply want to share your friendship, but got the title anyway. Nagging becomes caring if delivered in a different way with a soft tone.

As for the songs we should sing, allow me to suggest Kuang-Kai to work with Lee Hong Long李鴻隆 and select a few songs that are representative of our Tunghai days, distribute copies of the lyrics at the Reunion so that everyone can sing along, 獨 樂 樂 不 如 眾 樂 樂, that's the spirit.

One more thing, compare with other departments, we may want to be selective when copying Albert on our email to avoid overloading him. 

Have a nice week.

David H. (國 宏)


Date: 6/28/2004 5:15:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: Greetings again from David H. 國宏

Dear David,

Really enjoyed reading your e-mail about the family and the trip.  Guess what? Each time when I hear the Bee Gees' songs I think of you and your dorm during the sophomore year.  I still remembered that the speakers were kind of loud, yet they helped me memorizing the lyrics and that were really good old days.

My wife (Vickie) is also planning to go to Alaska ... To the best of my knowledge, the itinerary is similar to yours ... I will definitely share your e-mail with her and if needed will ask you for hot tips.

Although I may not be able to attend the reunion, when I retire (in two and half years) ... I will drive my rv to Florida and visit the two national parks there ... I will drop by your place and say hi.

Take care,



Date: 6/29/2004 7:20:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Greetings again from David H.


Dear David,


It is very nice to hear from you. We know that you must be tied up with something. Don’t worry. We are still hanging out here. I am glad that you had a great vacation.


Thank you very much for your approval. Actually, it could be the mid-life crisis... I have been enjoying it and don’t know how long this communication will last after the re-union. I just hope that I can catch some more of the missing memories from our Tunghai days while I can.


光愷, David may not be aware of it, that his level may have been slightly higher than yours.     “… enjoyed the quietness, the out-of-touch feeling, no cell phones, no computers and no noises.    …the view of the snow caped mountains and their mirrored reflections on the smooth surface of the icy water seemed to soothe our souls and made our minds clear…”         Do you consider having an Alaska cruise vacation anytime soon? It may add one more dimension (i.e. Snow) for you. Just “mountain” and “water” for all these years may be a little boring, don’t you think?


In my mind, 德勳 is a real champion. Have you checked out how close the lyric of the “Bu Lu Ga Ga…” that 德勳 came up? Considering that he doesn’t know the language, that he just picked the song up from simple instruction during our Dream valley BBQ trip, and that 30 years have passed…   I know I am far from that.


As for Albert, he is our web master. I would like to keep him in the loop and hopefully save some time when we post our communications on the web. He is the one who got me into this trouble in the first place anyway. As you know, all the e-mails can just be deleted with one click if he thinks he is overloaded. Unless, of course, the consideration is on our side. But, if we are posting our communications on the web anyway, it may not make much of a difference, in my mind. What do you think?




Date: 6/29/2004 5:26:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: Greetings again from David H.


Dear Der-Shween,

Some of the information in this note may be of interest to our friends, therefore, I copied to everyone.

Sophomore, sophomore … seemed to be only yesterday, thanks to all of you, my old friends, it was considered to be one of the best years of my life. We listened to the 'hot' Rock n'Roll because it was 'cool'. We listened to the cool classic music because it was 'hot', so we could be considered to be 'deep', especially in front of the girls, no, ladies. By that standard, Guo-Shung (國 雄) was the 'deepest' person in my dorm since he played the classic music records to us, with his 'Lucky' record player, all the time, even when we were sleeping, tried to make us look 'deeper' the next day. Well, not very effective.

Joanne, my wife, is an expert on cruises so I became one as well. The Caribbean is kind of our back yard by now; East Caribbean; West Caribbean; Mexico; Panama Canal; etc. I lost count. Joanne enjoyed shopping, sightseeing, and the slow paced no-cell-phone days at the sea, and I liked the convenience of having the restaurants (dinning rooms) and the hotel (my stateroom) traveling with us. My experience is that the 7+ days cruise is better than the 3/4 days because it will take a couple of days for our busy mind to unwind, relax before we can enjoy the trip. Other tips are: book early (6 to 9 months in advance) so that the best available room can be yours; select a room in the middle of the ship to avoid rocking and rolling; away from the elevators to avoid midnight crowd and noises; not directly under the jogging deck to avoid the unwanted morning wakeup sound; a room facing East when traveling southbound in Alaska so that you can view the snow covered mountains all the time…..Now you see, it almost requires a PhD degree to get all things right. Therefore, if any of you need the advice of planning a cruise trip, I will be at your service.

Finally, Florida, it is a good place to retire, but not a good place for Chinese food. Plenty of things to see around Orlando and down to Key West, endless white sand beaches, but rule no. 1, never come here during the summer from May to November unless you want to experience how hell fire feels like. The best time is from January to April, no crowd, low 70's high, upper 50's low, blue sky every day that makes you tired of it sometime. Tampa is only 70 miles west of Orlando, so please do stop by and you are welcome to stay in our house. 

Keep in touch.

David H.


Date: 6/30/2004 3:01:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: Greetings again from David H.


Dear David,

Wow ... a lot of impressive information.  I would say this experience does
at least qualify for a PhD.
I really need to forward this e-mail to Vickie so that she can process all
the information you provide, especially the cruise part.  We almost went for
the East Caribbean cruise in May, but eventually gave up because of my
daughter's campus schedule.  Anyway, may be late this year or next year ...

Keep in touch,





Date: 6/29/2004 9:05:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Greetings again from David H.


Hi! Chia:

I forgot to say thank you for nearly 25 years. I appreciate everything you had done to me from you ; your wife ; Wey-Tsyr and Hsin-Yuan in my first visit  to USA. Time has passed, things have changed but young days and sweet memory are still fresh. I had left the chemical plant that I worked for for more than 12 years, and swing in the field of process automation of chemical plants to keep alive. Give me a call any time you return Taiwan. Say something about yourself and your family.


Best Regards


Jack Shen



Date: 7/1/2004 10:02:49 PM Pacific Standard Time



Hi! Everybody:


At first I have to recall your memory about me, for I always skipped classes. I am afraid that it might be very difficult for you to recognize that I was really a Physics major, so I think I have to show some evidence as attached. I stay in Kao-hsiung after retired from military. Because I know I am unable to compete with any one of you in studies. So I made a record to win something back. I get 100 score in marriage, I married in 1976. The other record is in creating new creatures for Earth by my own. My children are 27, 25, and 22 years old. So if anybody dares to humiliate me, I will send my next generation to fight.


I stay in chemical industry for 28 years. The first half period, I hided in a petrochemical plant, dealing with process control and instrumentation. The next 14 years, I work for myself, and share several turnkey based industrial projects with some other partner companies. I swear I always have dreams of each of you. It's sweet if no quiz in the dream. I always consider that Tunghai's memory is the best in my life. I hone you all.


I am sorry that I am unable to attend reunion. But I have to let you know that all of you are my sweet memory, never forget.


Best Regards,


Shen Kwo-hsiung, 沈國


Date: 7/2/2004 2:10:12 AM Pacific Standard Time



Dear ,


My apologies. I am a little behind these days. We are testing our first lot and making plans for the second lot (for making our RF MEMS switches). This is the time to be cautious. It will determine the outcome of 2 to 3 months from now. For a start-up, every 2 to 3 months is critical.


We didn’t forget about you. It will never happen. The trip nearly 25 years ago was very memorable to me as well. We drove a very long way to visit “Hippy Hollow” at Austin, Texas. In fact, that was the only nude beach that I have ever visited in my life. Yet, there was nothing to see. Perhaps, that is what ‘nude’ means. I was embarrassed to make a big deal about it at the time. I am glad that you guys seemed to have a good time. It was fun.


Wey-Tsyr is actually Teh-Hsun. He is like the invisible man and has so many different names: Teh-Shun, Der-Shween, Cooper, Bean, Wey-Tsyr. You name it. Wey-Tsyr is actually his wife’s name. It can be tricky sometimes.


Well, my girl friend during that trip became my wife. We had our first daughter the next year. That little girl is at Harvard law school now. Time flies. It is too bad that we didn’t have the contact information before. I was actually traveling back and forth between Taiwan and US for a few years (roughly from 1994 to 2001). Otherwise, we might have gotten together already.


Don’t be too proud of skipping classes during our Tunghai days. You were not alone. We all did…       I know you have been very proud of your ability to ‘做人’ But, please keep in mind that I also have three children. We work hard to catch up.


You look quite cute in your attached photo. But, I am afraid that it is too simple. We need more pixels. Otherwise, we may see right through you. Please send your pictures over as soon as you can. Some pictures of your proud products (i.e. your sons) will do. What do you like to be? A Physics traitor, working on  *chemical all your life?




Date: 7/2/2004 9:03:49 AM Pacific Standard Time



Hi! Chia:


"A Physics traitor, working on  *chemical all your life?" It's too serious to accept for 2 reasons. 1) BS in physics is my best degree. 2) I am a "臥底" in chemical field, but it's a secret between you and me. OK?


Flow Calibration Lab is also one of my major businesses. Customers recognize a Physics major must be very convenient to carry out such a project. My secret is that my real level might be only high school graduate, so just keep silent.


"Hippy Hollow” Oh! Remember the watermelon in the trunk? After 4 hours abuse, it corrupted, our lunch disappeared. As a Physics major I never forgot looking for a reasonable answer for that. Well! after 25 years study I find that a watermelon must be fixed. It was rolling around in the trunk all day long.


Thanks for all of you. Remember to send my best regards to your wife. I read something about your daughter in newspaper a few years ago. She was the top in a USA national examination. Excellent!


My son graduated from a medical college last year, and soon he will be a doctor in hospital. My eldest daughter just graduated from Phon-gia University, majoring in Architecture. My young daughter will be a senior in university next semester.


I will do my best to find a photo to show something of me or my products (my family), but it is not easy. I will try again, be patient!


Best Regards




Date: 7/3/2004 12:15:33 AM Pacific Standard Time



Dear 阿雄 ,


All right. I understand it. You don’t want to carry the burden all by yourself. We all are Physics traitors. You are actually closer to Physics than the rest of us, I think. We can continue to brainstorm a description for you.


Yes, Hippy Hollow and the poor watermelon. Time flies. It has been 25 years. I promise that I will not make the same mistake again when you come to the US in the future.


Vicki was in the newspaper for her perfect SAT scores several years ago. I am glad that you read it. It was fun. Some of my friends actually called me from mainland China about that news. Some people were monitoring the situation and wanted to know if that was a fluke or for real. Well, both Jacki and Sabrina made perfect SAT scores the first time as well. Therefore, the case is close. No more SATs for Chou family.


Do your best to find some photos? No, that is not good enough. You must produce them. We miss you.




Date: 7/3/2004 8:44:08 AM Pacific Standard Time



Dear Chia-Shing,

Wow! No wonder that you have such a BIG ego. In our generation, it seems to be important but I'm not sure that's how our kids will feel about, especially in the US.

What kind of food did you feed to your children? May be I can learn a few tricks from you.

As you know, in the animal kingdom, the male usually just spread the 'seeds', then the female is left to raise the young ones and the young ones must learn to survive, grow, and be independent. May be you should give credits to Vicki and the kids. May be you're lucky to have kids born that way, independent and self-motivated. I'm glad that my kids are going to take the new SAT and the perfect score is 2400. Therefore, I can say my kids beat yours if they score more than 1600, but by that time, you probably find it's really not that important any more. In God's eyes, it's who you are and not what you have.

Anyway, I still need to congratulate you; even it's kind of late.




Date: 7/3/2004 8:11:51 PM Pacific Standard Time





Are you calling me animal? Thank you very much, if you are. Usually, I am the one who calls the other people in my group ‘animals’ when I play golf. You just don’t know how far some of those guys can hit a ball; it seems that it can only be done by a gorilla.


You are right. It is my wife, Shu-Mei, who spends time with the kids for everything. As for my job, I wouldn’t call that spread the ‘seeds’, it doesn’t sound animal to me.


Your kids will score more than 1600 for sure. So, I’d better agree that the SAT scores are not that important…    It is actually the truth aside from joking. In my mind, the strength of the education system in the US is in the extra-curricular activities. The kids are usually quite balanced in physical activities such as athletic activities or dancing at school. In addition, activities such as speech &debate, mock trial, school newspaper editing, and student body government etc. all enhance the development of our kids. These extra-curricular activities are what we don’t have in Taiwan.


I am a very lucky guy with my kids. But, I’d better not be talking about them. Or, it might take me all night.


Thank you very much for your kind words, 









Date: 7/2/2004 1:07:01 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Fw: Fuji xD-Card failure, anyway to get the photos from the Card?

Dear classmates,


It is always my pleasure to meet with anyone from Tunghai; kkdyoung is 家 强 who was from Hong Kong and with us for the first year. Then, after the failure grade of the physics, he went to the States & earned his Ph.D. in EE from N Illinois U of Ann Arbor. He has been the Director of the Applied Technology Center of HK Science & Technology U since 1999. Before that, he worked for the Laurence Lab in the Mountain View area for about twenty years. Hopefully, you remember who KK Young is (tall & cute looking).


About 李 植 孔, I have his old HK address If KK Young could read this mail, he may be able to find where Li is now. (I have been told my mail carried the virus).


In the subject of failing memory card, I have the photos with Li Hong Long 李 鸿 隆 (16 IE) in twice gathering here, Mo Wei-Hsun 莫 惟 洵 (16 Eco) three times gathering here & Chen Chu 助  (16 Chem) & his wife Yu Wei-Wei  虞 薇 薇 (16 Eco) besides other friends who arrived after June 4, since I came back from the Houston trip. 


I am glad that there are several of you that I have missed for so long all live in the Bay Area; I will certainly meet you in the next trip to SFO.  For now, I do need a hand to save those valuable photos. 


Once again, it has been my pleasure to be your classmate since 1970 on, to share all those events happened around us.


Most of all, my best wish is please take good care of yourself & your loved ones and enjoy the best of everyday that we still have.


Always yours,


 Wu Hsin Yuan 信 元 


Date: 7/3/2004 12:33:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Fw: Fuji xD-Card failure, anyway to get the photos from the Card?


Dear 信 元 ,


It is very nice to hear from you, busy guy. I actually thought about 楊家強 the other day as well. I am glad that you brought it up. I hope that he got your e-mail and sends us some words.


You are not just busy; it looks like you are having fun as well. Lots of people visit you in mainland China. That’s very nice. 


I hope you can recover your valuable photos. In the mean time, we need your photos for the re-union. Please send some of your photos to me in your earliest convenience.







Date: 8/6/2004 10:43:50 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Schedule




I just called Houston travel agent to issue my return ticket on August 27 from Houston via SFO to Shanghai, after tomorrow the reservation will be cancelled.


I will arrive SFO at 7 AM August 20, and should have 8 hours free before reporting to the reunion. 


Hsin Yuan


Date: 8/6/2004 10:45:29 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Schedule




Excellent. See you at reunion.


Please check the reunion web site for the info. It might be handy. Have you made the hotel reservation yet?




Date: 8/7/2004 4:50:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: You can help


Hi David,


莫惟洵 ordered some souvenir in Shang-Hai for the reunion. I think she may need some help to bring them to US, due to the quantity. So, you may get a call from her, if she needs the help. I hope you don't mind.


This is great that you can make to the reunion and pehahps help the committee at the same time.






Date: 8/7/2004 6:24:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Transfer of registration




I will call Lee for the payment, I will let you know once I pay him.


Also Ms. Mor has told me about the souvenir, I will call her and see if she needs any help. Last time she said it is too heavy and will put in mail.


Anything else if you think I may do, just let me know.


The schedule you have attached I could not display it, if there is no change from the web schedule then I will use the web information.(I could not open the file, strange, no reaction)





Date: 8/7/2004 11:11:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Transfer of registration




Thank you very much for your kindness and help. I am glad that things are working out so nicely.


Just for your information, the committee just reinstated the "姍 姍 來 遲 獎 " for " 參 加 三 十 年 團 聚 會 ,最後 報 名 的 同 學 " I think you have a chance to win this award. The award may not worth much, but it should be fun. I hope you get it.


If you can access the web, it is the best. Please go with it.


Thanks again for your help,




Date: 8/8/2004 5:59:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: The Luck I Need




The seat on August 20 is still pending on my airport standby (UA does not take any standby, it has been closed). So I will not know I could make it until I get on the plane, then I will let Jamie book the hotel and officially register my name.  Even I have bought the return tickets of August 27, I have to try my luck once again.


This has been the game I played in the last 18 months to stand by with Henry & Robert from Toronto to D.C. and from D.C. to SFO, also from Taipei to SFO & stood by myself from Houston to SFO and from SFO to Shanghai. I could not count on the luck like I had in all those trips, I do need the luck again to make to the reunion


Hsin Yuan


Date: 8/8/2004 10:29:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: The Luck I Need


Hsin Yuan,


My goodness. We didn't think about the hassle that you have to go through to attend the reunion. This is absurd. It is too bad that air travel becomes so congested nowadays. I hope you are lucky again this time as you have been before.


Looking forward to seeing you at reunion,