物理系           [求職]


Prelude by周嘉興

Dear All,

It was a rather emotional day for me yesterday.  Chester called me as well as some of you for the 30-year reunion a few weeks ago. His voice was cheerful and my impression was he is very active. As some of you know, I am quite busy lately due to our small startup company. So, I was very happy that someone can and is willing to spend the time to put together our 30-year reunion. I appreciated his heart and efforts to help putting together our 30-year reunion… Here are some of the thoughts across my mind last night.

1. 30 years is a long time. If we cannot make an extra attempt to attend this reunion, then when will be the next time that we have a chance to see each other? 40-year reunion, perhaps? The next 10 years could be much longer than the past 30 years for people at our age.

2. We all are busy and have family obligations. It is always hard to find the time to do something else. But, this is different. It is our 30-year reunion!

I am an easygoing guy by nature. But, after I learned about Chester’s condition, I urge you to sign up. If he can make it, you can too.

1. 德勳- This is what I told Chester only a couple of days ago. “I will encourage him (i.e. you) to check the web site from time to time. He is a sentimental guy, maybe he will change his mind.”… Am I correct? After all, we were talking about having a 30-year reunion during your last trip to California a few months ago, remember?

2. 浰莉- I would like to owe you one more favor if you could try to change your schedule and attend our reunion. I still remember the favor that I owed you a long time ago regarding Miss Jade Wu.

3. 信元- I know it is difficult for you since you are commuting between mainland and US. But, you are the boss. This is a good time to use that flexibility. In addition, you are a sentimental guy too. You can change your plan and attend our reunion, if you want to. (I am not sure if you check your e-mail or not while you are on the road. Can you acknowledge me if you get this e-mail? I am not sure if I have written down your contact phone number in Houston or not. Thanks.)

4. 國宏- I know you are coming. Please sign up as soon as you can. We need the head counts. We miss you. I haven’t been in contact with you for 30 years.

5. 隆志- You are another sentimental guy. You can make it. We need to get together in US. I am not going back to Taiwan that often as I used to be any more. In addition, please send my regards to both 於正 and 國雄. Tell them that I will take them to some nude beach just like I did for 國雄 and his colleagues in 1980. Boy, it is a very long time.

My very best regards,

(Chia-Shing Chou) 周嘉興 (5/25/2004)



Date: Thursday, May 27, 2004 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: 30-year reunion

Dear all,


Hard to believe 30 years has gone by!

Thanks for all the update of our classmates and the great effort of the volunteers. On the same August weekend, I have a family reunion scheduled six months ago, it involves quite a few families. I am trying to work out something.  Please send my best to all classmates, in case I cannot meet you in August.



Date: 5/28/2004 6:27:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: 30-year reunion


Hi 王浰,


It is very nice to hear from you. We are talking again now. This seems like the old time. E-mail is great, isn't it? I know you don't like to use e-mail. This is a little like a professional chef may not like to cook at home. I owe you one.


Multi-family reunion? Most likely involve multi-states, hopefully not multi-countries. I hope things will fall in places for you and you can make to our reunion. Looking forward to seeing you.


I hope all is well with your mom and family,










Wednesday, May 26, 2004 5:38 AM

Subject: Re: 30-year reunion


Dear Chia and classmates:





Best Regards



Date: 5/26/2004 8:41:22 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: 30-year reunion


Dear 隆志,


Thank you very much for the mail. It is great to hear from you. Chinese is great. I apologize that I cannot write in Chinese any more. How embarrassing!


It is too bad that you cannot make it. What a pity! I know you really want to come.  Please visit www.tunghai74.org as often as you can. You can find a lot of memories as well as recent news of our friends. In fact, would you please write something about yourself to share with us? I know you are with Acctone now. I know your headquarter is very special and out of ordinary... It would be fun to share something with everyone.


I feel for Chester. It is an impact to me. After all, I still need to put in a few years of hard work before we (i.e. Wireless MEMS Inc.) can enjoy any fruit from it. I have been very careful about my health and I have been quite lucky so far. But, this is another thing in our life that is out of our control sometimes. One can only do so much.


Looking forward to hearing from you again,


Chia, 周嘉興






Date: 6/15/2004 12:47:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: The Year of Cicada


After being silent for a very long time (more than 17 years underground), all suddenly you folks are just emerging out, singing and exchanging a lot of songs.  A warming up for our 30 year reunion?  I call this a cicada effect (or phenomenon)!


This is Little Monkey.  I don’t think I can keep silent any more since my name has been mentioned in email. I found an interesting pattern in those emails (a habit I learned in the field of physics, Ha! Ha!): they are all from Room 526 in our freshmen year. It seems they really built a very strong bonding during the first year in Tunghai. 


Yes, I did dream of Da Monkey a couple times for several years after he left us. I had a dream that he came back and told us it was a prank joke!  Remember, he always tried to make fun of us in the dorm, particularly after we returned back from Chen-Kung Ling military training:  He held the broom as a gun and pretended that he was taking roll call  before bedtime. Those good old funny days! 


For some reason (I don’t know how, either he invited me by calling or mailing me), I had a chance to visit his parents’ residence in the winter break of 1974.  He showed me all photos of our graduation field trip.  Was he the class head in our senior year?  He really did an excellent job to take care of every one in the class.


For The-Hsun, I remembered I met him once in Taipei during his  first visit to Taiwan after he came to the US.  He told me that he’d change his major to biophysics and mentioned that he had a vivid memory about the blue sky since age of three.  My memory is blurred, and I wonder how we first met?  Could it be on Chia-Hua’s funeral?


The classmate I have to send many deep thanks from bottom of my heart is Kuang Kai.  He helped me transferring from Ohio U to U Cinti in the summer of 1982 tremendously. I think we lost contact after he moved to Boston.  Years ago, I heard he had moved to San Jose.  I’m glad to hear that his son Mike is going to law school at UIUC, about 2 hours away from where I live now.  Kuang-Kai, you’re welcome to stop by Joliet or Chicago when you have a chance nearby.  Any news about other friends at UC?  The only person I heard is Tsay Tsu Shieh, who is in Taiwan now. 


How about myself?  After finishing my MS at UC, I worked at power transistor Co. in Calif. and Arizona for 6 years, and returned to Dayton for Ph.D. in electro-optics. After that, I did some research at Wirght-Patt Air Force Lab for post-doc.  Then I taught “physics” at Sinclair Community College from 1998 to 2003. Joliet Junior College (JJC) recruited me as physics associate professor last year.


I met Liu Tseng Hsi in Taipei and had a long talk with him in 1998. On another trip to Taiwan in 2000, I did pay a special visit to our professor Dr. Sun Ching-Fu in Taichung.  I have some video tape of our  gatherings with his family (wife, daughter and her boyfriend).  I’m planning to share those with you folks on August 20th, MY BIRTHDAY!


Finally, before I go, I’d like to remind Chester Lee of tracing down another “quiet” female classmate – Liao Tray Jen (?)- A skinny girl.  She had been in our class for 3 or 3 and half years!! Don’t forget her!  She might have a lot to say about us!!  Does anyone know where she is now?


Thirty years has passed by, so much and so little has changed. We can communicate with  email now and we still are as funny as usual.


Well, that’s it for the time being, folks.  Sweet dream!!.


Best Regards,


L. M.


Date: 6/15/2004 4:27:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: The Year of Cicada


Wow ... I was trying to log out my hotmail until the e-mail from Little Monkey caught my eyes.

I am really glad to hear from you, Max, ... two weeks ago we (my family) went to Hocking Hills State Park (close to Athens, Ohio Univ.) to enjoy the nature.  It was about 3-hr drive from Morgantown, WV to Logan, OH.  I bet you enjoyed your student life at Athens very much, right?  It was a relaxing trip for me ... not many cars at all ...

Thanks for still remember me as "Teh-Hsun".  Yes, we met in Taipei at some kind of international conference (phys-related) ... not in the funeral ...  Around the funeral time, I was studying Biochemistry very hard and trying not to fail the subject ...

I am glad that one of us still get a good memory ... Yes, my major is Biophysics ... In my resume, I also put something like inhalation toxicology, aerosol physics, air pollution, environmental science, etc. to impress people ... you know, resulting from a lack of self-confidence ...

I don't remember how many people I mentioned this "since 3-yr-old ... blue sky."  How could you still remember this stuff?  I am really impressed, Hsiao-Ho-zz.  Please tell me more about what you remembered during the 4-yrs at Tunghai ...

Well, I have spent too much time here ... need to go home and have my dinner. Please take care and be a great teacher (I guess you are one of the few from our class, right?)

Teh-hsun (Bean) [Der-shween]


Date: 6/16/2004 12:13:33 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: The Year of Cicada


Dear Monkey,


Well, well, well… here you are. Welcome to the battlefield. Excellent timing. We are just about running out of targets.


Why do you call this a cicada effect? I have to find my dictionary. It sounds Biology to me. I thought we learned this one before too. An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion…    As a Physics professor, you should be able to explain every phenomenon by the laws of Physics… Well, you don’t have to be right.


Your birthday is on 8/20, how wonderful! We will throw a big party for you. After all, this is the least we can do for you as friends. Happy Birthday, in advance.


I totally agree. We should track down Liao, Tray-Jen. I will talk to her now that I am more mature. I was too nervous before. I hope she finds our website just like you do.


Yes, we were from room 526. Which universe were you from?









周嘉興 (Chia-Shing Chou)


Date: 5/22/2004 6:56:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: 30-year re-union


To All,


I can still remember that I read this from somewhere: "First, God created Man. Then, he had a better idea.".... I only had to ponder on it very briefly and realized that this better idea actually means Woman… Guess what? I have three daughters. This is some achievement and I am reasonably content with it. One is in law school, one is in college and one is a high school junior.


I can still remember in some movie that someone is exercising while being watched and helped by someone else right next to him or her…   Well, guess what? I am old. The recovery of my lower back has been excruciatingly slow since I got hurt last August. So, I signed up with a personal trainer since the beginning of this year. I know what some of you may think. It may seem to be a very bad deal. Why do I have to pay and still do all of the work? Well, that's the way things are sometimes. I can’t help it. However, I kind of like it so far. I have no dream to train my body and become like our governor, Arnold. I just want to have a healthy life.


On the other hand, I am involved with a start-up company (i.e. Wireless MEMS, Inc.) recently, working on an emerging technology- RF MEMS. I do hope that this is not a dream.


Best regards,



(Chia-Shing Chou) 周嘉 興




Date: 6/14/2004 9:18:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua




陸 孔 卿 did a wonderful job in translating 紀 光 愷's email to 陳 德 勳 about 陳 家 驊. It is a lot better than the English version, in my mind.  Thanks a lot to her. This is really great. We are a big family again after 30 years.


This 30-year re-union has been getting better and better every day. Thanks a lot to people like you. I know you have spent a lot of time on building our 30-year re-union web site, in addition to your other responsibilities. The web site has become a wonderful platform for us to communicate to each other. Thank you very much.





Date: 6/17/2004 1:22:19 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Tunghai ren for life

Hello,  學弟:

It's my pleasure to be of help. Even though we did not know each other at school, the common experience of our four years at Tunghai studying, walking the Wen-Li avenue between classes, washing dishes, cleaning toilets, BBQing in Dream valley, and what not shall bond us together.

I got a call from my classmate 
飛龍 who is in Boston on business. He said he met with you and a few other Tunghai alumni and had a nice lunch a few weeks ago. It's good to hold on to this Tunghai connection.

Good luck in your race against the Architects.  :-)



Date: 6/17/2004 11:06:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: tunghai ren for life


Dear K.C.,


Yes. That was a very special and pleasant lunch. I was very lucky and bumped into it without any foresight. Thanks to Albert for the arrangement. Can you ever imagine that one day there were five Tunghai Physics majors ran into each other at one time? After all, how many of us are around? Please send my regards to 張 飛 龍, 孫 召 棠, 龍 熙 平 and other alumni.


You may not know us. I am pretty sure that most of us know your name (陸 孔 卿 ). It is indeed good to hold onto our Tunghai connection. But, for now, we have a job to do. We never consider ARCH to be our arch rival. Yet, they come up so strong this year for some reason. We won't give in easily though. They still have to come up with the goods.










Date: 6/1/2004 10:20:24 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject:  Hellow frrom Chi Kuang-Kai


Hi Old Friends:  

Greetings from Chi Kuang-Kai.    

I have been reading Chia-Shing's Emails.  But I cannot tell who are those people on his EMail list, until Chester's updated list below.  Now I know I'm talking to my old Physics classmaktes.  

I moved to CA in mid 1990 from Mass.  My son Michael graduated from UC Berkely and now is waiting for Law school in U of Illinois, Champian, starting this fall, for International Business Law.  My daughtor Floria is a freshman in UCLA.  She is very close to me, and looks like me.  (except she is very  pretty)  So my next 3 year college expense payments are huge. 

I married my wife, Karen Chuang, at 1994, introduced by Lorraine Yu (Hsu Lo-Mei, Tunghai, Social Sciece)  Karen is the high-school classmate of  Len (Cold) Bu-Mei (Tunghai, Chinese major).  She never had children of her own, so she behaves like one every-once-a-while to make up the emptiness.  

I have seen Chester, John Lin, Tong Chang, Lili during the past 10 years, so I'm very lucky.   Hope to see many of you at the 8/20 re-union!    

Best Wishes to You All!                    



Chia-Shing:  Thanks for getting the Physic Dep Circulation Letter going.  Please put  my Email onto it.   Also, I'll go to LA at 8/6 weekend and stay in Acadia at my in-law's house.  Maybe we can meet then.



Date: 6/2/2004 8:01:25 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Hellow frrom Chi Kuang-Kai


Dear 光愷,


No wonder we didn't hear from you until now. It is all because you could not recognize us. Who can blame you? It has been 30 years. Thanks a lot to Chester's work. We found each other at last.


Hereby, our Physics Department’s circulation letter starts to circulate. As long as your son and my daughter are in law school, we are legitimate to use some of lawyer’s terms. Who says an old ….. animal can’t learn new tricks?


Yes, let’s get together over the 8/7 weekend. I have marked it on my PDA. Since we haven’t seen each other for 30 years, we can call it our mini 30-year reunion. Hmmm..., or shall we call it Nano 30-year reunion, at this Nano age?


I hope our circulation letter can shift into a higher gear. Not only we need to catch up with our archrivals, but it is simply so nice to talk to each other again..


Best regards,





Date: 6/10/2004 1:35:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua



After seeing your Email about your memory of many old classmates and our 1 week gathering in Cincinnati (Cinti) 27 year ago, I started to think about Chia-Hua (Da Monkey).  I know that this is not a pleasant topic. But if we can face the death, then maybe we can face the life better.  Right? 

27 year ago, when you came to Cinti, it was shortly after Chia-Hua's
boating accident. You told me: that was shortly after your transfer to U of Rochester (?),
you went with Chia-Hua to that picnic,  and how many times you cried about it.
Also, you told me about meeting him in your dream: You asked him: " Didn't you...  didn't you... die?", and he just smiled sadly. 

 I'm not sure if I had told you about my similar dream around that time: I was running slowly in the dark.  There was a light ahead of me.  There was a person standing under the light, facing ahead so I can only see his back. As I ran passing him, I turned my face around and look at him.  It was Chia-Hua.  He gave me a sad smile.  I kept running... 

In the past 27 years, I dreamed about him a couple times more.  Most recently, I dreamed to see him only about 3 months ago. This time, we were standing face to face.  But luckily, I still remember a blessing in the dream: I sang to him the "Re-Birth to the Paradise” Chanting  (A-Mi-To-Fu's Won Shen Jin Tu Chao). When I was singing, I also prayed that I can finish the Chanting before I wake up, for I knew that I was dreaming.  Finally, I finished the chanting to Chia-Hua. His smile seems a little bit lighter then.  Then I waked up. 


I know, it's just a dream.  But it makes me happy each time I think of the dream.

I know, I know, I am NUTs.  But, who cares. 

Hi, all my dear classmates, I appologize if my writing makes you un-comfortable.

Chi Kuang-Kai



Date: 6/12/2004 1:14:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua


Dear 光愷,


We can’t help thinking about 陳家驊 at a time like this, can we? Thank you very much for sharing your memory about him with us. He is a very smart and hard working guy. What a loss! The accident that happened 27 years ago was a real tragedy. We all are very sorry about it. But, he will always be with us.


People generally agree that the second generation of immigrants (i.e. our children) is the best generation. They usually still work reasonably hard and they have the “home-course” advantage over our generation. Most of them should have no problem to have a reasonable living style. It is these kinds of unforeseen incidents that are in the back of my mind from time to time. Life is full of unexpected events. We should treasure what we have and always be vigilant.






From: albert.yang@comcast.net  楊志傑

Date: 6/14/2004 3:46:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua


紀 光 愷's touchy email to 陳 德 勳 about 陳 家 驊 has also been posted under [追 思 故人] which can be accessed from either [畢 業 紀 念 冊] or [往 來 訊 息]


Date: 6/15/2004 11:39:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Thanks for translating "Memory of Chen Chia-Hua"


K.C. Van Zandt:  

Thanks very much for your excellent translations. I read both versions and felt that you can really read my mind/heart.

As Chia-Shing said: It is a lot better than the English version, in my mind.  Thanks a lot to her.  


I couldn't write it better myself. You made it so poetic. 




Date: 6/15/2004 1:07:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Thanks for translating "Memory of Chen Chia-Hua"


Hi, Kuang-Kai and other Class of '74 Physics 學 弟 妹 們 :

You are most welcome. I believe I have only translated what you have written with your heart. I thought the English version was just as touching.

I think most people who have experienced the loss of family and friends can understand how you feel as you wrote down those words.

Very glad to see that the Class of '74 Physics classmates form such a unifying group. We (Class of '72 Physics) did very well during our reunion, had the highest attendance rate. You will have the time of your lives, I guarantee it. 

Best wishes.

Lu Kungching (kc)



Date: 6/14/2004 6:59:46 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Great Gift for someone


CHIU LUNG-CHI, or ANDREW_Chiu, or My Best-Man of my 1st Wedding:


Please Email more in Chinese.  (I read your 1st Email, it's Excellent!) Even though I cannot use PC to write Chinese Email, But I sure can read Chinese Email.

Don't You See all the old Room "526" Boys (Der-Shween, Chia-Shing, and me) are all TOO NOISY? Remember you are from Room 526 too, except you were stuck with me as my roommate for 4 years!    Poor Guy! ...  Then you get Der-Chue in for the last year to have some fresh air!
Hi Every One: I'll give a great gift to whoever can tell the meaning of

“Guo-Fu Ger-Min She-Re Tse Tsai Chen-Kun”

Chia-Shing:  Thanks for your nice correlation of "Conservation of Energy" and My Possible "Running Out of Aggressiveness".   I like that!  You always have a nice way to put things, even it's a "no-so-good" thing.

Der-Shween:  After I wrote that Email about our dreams, It is all over for me...  Amen!  

BTW, Lee Quei-Ming (i.e. Hsiau Monkey) transferred to EE Dept, Univ of Cincinnati, before I graduated from there.  So he quits Physic too.  Sorry! (Or Amen!)

MALEE, or Lee Quei-Ming, or Li Kway-Min:  You are a EE for US Air-Force.  Right?...


Better stop before I piss off somebody by accident!

Chi Kuang-Kai



Date: 6/15/2004 12:03:22 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Great Gift for someone


Dear 光愷,


Why do you want to pick on 隆志? Can’t we get along? As far as I can tell, your e-mail is already in Chinese.



“Guo-Fu Ger-Min She-Re Tse Tsai Chen-Kun”


You know that I cannot input Chinese characters into a computer. This answer is from Albert: “國 父 革 命 十 一次 才 成 功 ”


Do you know what does this mean? You have multiple winners. Or, in English, you are in trouble.


If you must insist that your memory about 陳 家驊 is all over for you… Amen, after your last e-mail, I can now raise your grade from kindergarten (i.e. 德勳 and I calling each other “Rich”) to elementary school level.


I suggest 張於正 to comment on this silly Physics profession issue. 張於正 finished his PhD degree in Physics, then he worked for Professor Herbert Kroemer at University of California at Santa Barbara as a post doc. Professor Kroemer won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2000. I just don’t if this qualifies 張於正  as a philosopher or not?





Date: 6/16/2004 1:25:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Winner for the Great Gift for someone


Chia-Shing, Albert:


Congrats to the 2 proud winners.  I'll present your gifts at the 8/20 Re-union in SF.  

Just want to point out one minor point so you don't get way over your heads:
1. Your answer of "Eleven times" is the correctly for the history, but:
2. My writing was She-Re, not She-Yi.  


If you pronounce She-Re in Hu-Bei-nese (Lake-North), it actually indicates twelve.  

Why not Eleven?  Must be my early Symptom of Alzheimer, as pointed out many times by my wife.

But, if anyone insists that I did on purpose so nobody can get it fully right, I'll take that too.  

Chi Kuang-Kai



Date: 6/16/2004 11:04:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Winner for the Great Gift for someone


Dear 光愷,


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses... (I have just given president Reagan’s  “Well…” to 李魁明 only a day ago. This is the best that I can come up for you. I hope you understand.)  You and 陳德勳 are perfectly healthy and normal. You are just making excuses and blaming on Alzheimer as a scapegoat. If you keep doing that, you can give Alzheimer a bad name.


You were talking about “Hu-Bei-nese” (Lake-North). That’s local. I don’t think our 國父 would like that. He worked all his life to unit the whole country and now you are still talking local. You can break his heart. We don’t want that. In addition, why do we want to be bogged down by these kinds of minor details anyway? What the difference does it make? Eleven times or twelve times? That’s history. We can’t change that. We should just focus on the issues at hand; namely what exactly is my gift? I just need to know the dimensions of it, so that I can decide if I should drive or fly up there. Please let us know. Thanks.





Date: 6/14/2004 3:23:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua


Kuang-Kai, Chia-Shing, ... and greeting s to all of my friends:

I just got a chance to read Kuang-Kai's e-mail.  I am glad that you remember the Cinti visit 27 years ago ... it feel like only a couple of months ago to me ... what does that mean... am I still only twenty something or do I have this Alzheimer’s...?

Chia, your imagination is definitely more creative than mine.  I guess that's why I am thinking of retiring and you are not.

No ... I did not go to the dragon-boat picnic (Saturday afternoon) at all ... I was preparing in my dorm for organic chemistry quiz occurred every Monday ... The accident would not have happened if I were there ... since nobody in the picnic realized that Chia-Hua could not swim at all ... I really feel very bad whenever I think about this ... He would have been the only one in our class pursuing real Physics (how about the little monkey Li
kway-min? Is he also in Physics professional?)

Believe it or not, I still keep some small cooking-related tools I got from him.  They may be old, yet work great. By the way, I don't dream of him any more ... The only time I think of him is when I sing the song "on the top of the world" by the Carpenters.  Chia-Hua used to spin his pencil precisely in synchronization and sing this song  " ... such a feeling coming over me ...  it is now coming true especially for me ... and the reason is clear ... it's because you are here ... you are the nearest thing to heaven I have seen ... " out of tune.  He always emphasized the words " ... I am on the ... top of the world looking... down on creation and the only explanation I can find ... is the love I have found ever since you've been around ... your love put me at the top of the world...".

Well, what can I say ... he was a joyful person ... and will always be one in our memory.

Take care guys ... Life is precious ... because it is made by the God.

Have a nice dream tonight!





Date: 6/15/2004 7:04:08 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua


Dear 德勳,


I almost had a nightmare last night. In 光愷’s last e-mail, there were English looks like Chinese, Chinese written in English, Greek-like Chinese puzzle in English…   Then, he talked about “Wind-Water” (i.e. Room “526” being TOO NOISY)… It was either very sophisticated or full of  ?&#@%!…   Based on the understanding of women about men, he can’t be that sophisticated. So, it must be that… Please don’t be fooled. I don’t know what had happened to him. 30 years is indeed a very long time.


If you must continue to complain about possibly having some problems (i.e. nagging last time, Alzheimer this time) so I can comfort you, then I must be careful…  I live in Los Angeles.


Indeed, we must be vigilant at all time.




Date: 6/15/2004 3:38:46 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua



I have been enjoying reading the e-mails from several of you ... mostly from you and Kuang-kai.  I have to apologize for my potential Al..zhei..mer-causing ignorance that Chang yu-zheng, my running partner at the outdoor track, basketball mate on the indoor court, and hiking buddy at Ali-shan and Shee-Tou, was a pure Physics major.  In my subconscious mind, he is always a great beer drinker and perhaps now an excellent businessman.  Next time, when I get back to Taichung, I need to drop by his house (gee, I
don't have his phone number and address) and quiz him about the non-linear light scattering theory and see if he is still qualified as a pure "solid-state" physicist.  Perhaps hybrid-fuel-related molecular physics would be more suitable for his expertise now.  Certainly, as I promise you (Chia-Shing), I will persuade him to go to Tunghai gym and have a 1600-m fun run with me.  As an old pal, that's the least I should do.

Unfortunately, I still have problems reading your and Albert Yang's Chinese
(However, I have no problem reading Kuang-kai's).  What should I blame this time ...

Nice dream for all of you


Date: 6/16/2004 12:19:07 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Memory of Chen Chia-Hua


Dear Der-Shween,


By all means, find him and leave me out of this one, if you are going to talk about non-linear light scattering theory, hybrid-fuel-related molecular Physics… But, for the 1600-m fun run, I would like to watch.


Have a good one,





Date: 6/17/2004 6:52:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: tunghai 72  .. SingEvening



'72's SingEvening in Great Canyon looks really great. We should have one in Foster City too. Let's ask Lorraine (Xu Lo-Mei).

As for songs, I know:

1. Chester's Favorite: Lobo's "How can I tell her about you?" during the Senior year when Lung-Chi (
隆志) and me tried to set-up a 2nd girl friend for Chester in Tunghai, no charge.

2. Lung-Chi's Favorite: Sacred Songs, as long as it's TENOR!

3. Chia-Shing's Favorite: "How many arms have hold you?" with imaginary target "Ling-Ling", (for a while, we thought she was "Ha-Ha") in His favorite POS: Left hand on his tummy, right palm up and extended out.

4. Der-Shween:... (of course ma, I don't remember, for I still need to keep some friends)

Chi Kuang-Kai


Date: 6/17/2004 11:49:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: tunghai 72  .. SingEvening




You are making things up. I won't forgive you. "How many arms have hold you?" was my favorite? I swear that I never even heard about it. You guys must believe me…

Then, "Ling-Ling"... what is this?   Or... do you mean ...?  Let's come back to this one.


Officially, I started to learn Karaoke around 1994 when I left Hughes Research Laboratories and tried to become a businessman in Taiwan. I worked very hard on golf, singing and drinking. It was fun for a while. I usually need a lot of Whisky before I can sing. As a result, I can't tell you how well I can do. It won't be accurate anyway. By the way, do you know what "karaoke" means in Japanese? I will return you a "great gift" if you guess it right.


A singing evening sounds fun. But, you need to let me know which songs will be there and I need to work on it as soon as I can.


David (國宏), I know you are a music lover. Do you think you can come up with some plans? Thanks.




From: albert.yang@comcast.net (楊 志 傑 )

Date: 6/18/2004 2:17:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: SingEvening, Ling-Ling




Date: 6/19/2004 1:54:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: SingEvening, Ling-Ling




Very impressive. Kara is empty and Oke is orchestra in Japanese. People can sing along with “empty orchestra”. You are absolutely right. This is the second time in a row that you answered a puzzle with just one sentence. Simply marvelous.


I just realized that you are actually the multiple-winner of 紀光愷's gifts (i.e. the winner of multiple prizes). With great pleasure and relief, I hereby hand over my gift to you, since this one is from 紀光愷. You are really my good friend and doing what a good friend is for. Thank you very much.





Date: 6/18/2004 2:06:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: SingEvening, Ling-Ling



Karaoke?   This is what I heard:  Kara is for Camera; oke is for OK:  So it's like movie star get "ready to take picture", etc. 

As for your gift, it will have something to do with Cicada.  Since you were the 1st one from our class to make so much NOISE.   


As for your favorite song, at least I'm very sure about my memory.


On your POS: “Left hand on his tummy, right palm up and extended out.”



Date: 6/19/2004 2:11:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: SingEvening, Ling-Ling,


Dear 光愷,


This is what you’ve got: “XXX”. No, you missed it. Albert got it right, you must have known it by now...    This is a good time that we have this conversation. You can’t just believe everything you hear. The world has changed so much since we graduated from college. 30 years is a long time. You must be vigilant. It is not too late for you to learn though, since your life hasn’t even begun yet. From what I heard, our life begins roughly 20 years from your current age (i.e. 70 years old.)


As for my gift, it is no longer my problem. Albert has just won it from me. This is what a good friend is for.


I have been thinking about learning some English songs over the years. The fact is that I can only sing one English song. Not an easy one, I must say. I prefer the hard way, usually. It is “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John. This would be a good one for our occasion, don’t you think? So, if you must insist that I know another English song, then it is just something extra for me to claim... I am somewhat better with Chinese songs. I like Angus Tung’s songs in general. Not very easy either, I am afraid. I have used his “Women” in several social occasions. It is very good and a rare Chinese song with some Jazz flavor.


As for the POS, I am still puzzled. I have tried both Indian and Thai music. However, I am still having problems to get the POS (i.e. Left hand on his tummy, right palm up and extended out) to resonate with the music. One possible conclusion is that there is no common mode between this POS and either the Indian or the Thai music. Therefore, the next thing for me to try is to visit Hsiao-Lin Temple. I have read some books (…actually, some novels). They have a very nice Library, which collects all sorts of secret books (not novels) that contain all sorts of postures… To do that, I need to be in a very good shape. It can take some time though, since I am very busy lately, as you know. But, all of these are just my personal problems. We have a much bigger issue on hand.


On one hand, ARCH is pressuring hard. Albert seems to be very quick in everything. On the other hand, my approach to your “POS” puzzle is beginning to show some sign of the process of elimination. This question is for 李魁明. You (i.e.李魁明) mentioned in your earlier e-mail that finding a pattern out of some phenomena is considered to be Physics. How about the process of elimination (i.e. The “POS” can’t resonate with music. So, it can’t be some kind of dance move)? I fear that it might be Mathematics. If so, then we (i.e. Physics) are caught in between.


Here is one more chance for you (i.e.紀光愷) to redeem your dignity. What is the difference between an Engineer, a Physicist and a Mathematician? I’ll give a great gift to you if you can get this one right. The gift is from me this time.





Date: 6/22/2004 11:35:06 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Cicada, etc.

As for my gift originally meant for Chia-Shing, is a carnelian Cicada (Zhi Liau). Cicada's loud humming sounds different for different souls:


For the un-settled mind, it is very noisy; but


For a person in meditation, it can sound like "Om".      

That might be the reason that Chia-Shing wants to give it to you:  Something that he could not stand, would actually be a blessing for people like you.  

As for the gift that was originally meant for you, let's still keep it secret for now. At least, until I figure out some good/wired saying about it.

Chi Kuang-Kai  

PS. In weekend, my Email at home is kuangkaichi@yahoo.com  


Date: 6/24/2004 12:33:50 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Bu Lu Ga Ga ……


Dear 光愷,


Are you all right? Do you have some trouble hearing the loud humming sounds from cicada? I worried about you? 30 years is a long time. I don’t remember that you have this kind of problem before.


Just to complete our philosophical discussion. Let me reveal the answer for the question that I posted last time. Philosophically, the difference between an engineer, a physicist and a mathematician is as follows.


If there is a fire in the kitchen, then

  1. An engineer will take a fire extinguisher and put it out every time.
  2. A physicist will take a fire extinguisher and put it out the first time. They just need to prove it once, and then they know that it can be done every time afterwards.
  3. A mathematician will sit tight and do nothing. They know that the fire can be put out by a fire extinguisher theoretically.


Realistically, if one is married and wants to have a happy life, then he will take a fire extinguisher and put out the fire every time, no matter what kind of training that he has. Therefore, even though there is a difference; there is no difference after all.


Does this sound familiar to you? Can you tell me what do you see when you look at a “mountain” and “water”?


I enjoy all this mumbo jumbo. But, perhaps we should move forward.


Here are a couple of messages from our friends.


From :   … the common experience of our four years at Tunghai studying, walking the Wen-Li avenue between classes, washing dishes, cleaning toilets, BBQing in Dream valley…  (6/17/2004)


From Chester: …I was talking to Kuang Chi the other day and I told him that I don't remember some of things mentioned in the e-mail. I think I may have missed some memorable events with your guys… (6/21/2004)


Speaking about BBQ in Dream valley……


I was stuck as the president of the Chinese Music Club for three years. In the mean time, 楊 昭 宏 (Chemistry 16) drafted me to play for the badminton team for three years as well. Both activities required a lot of practice and time. As a result, I was practicing, practicing, and practicing…  How silly! I can’t believe that’s how I spent the best four years of my life. I was in a different world basically.


Luckily, I crossed into the real world a couple of times. I can remember that we went to Dream valley for BBQ once. We went along with some schoolmates from Chinese Major, I believe. Honestly, I couldn’t remember how good the food was. But, I still remember that one of the girls taught us an Indonesia song. The music is still lingering in my mind and the lyric is as follows.


“Bu Lu Ga Ga ……”

“Min Tso Li Ya De La ……”

“Na Na So Da ……”

“Gi Gi Ni Ya …… “


Guys, I can use some help. Let’s complete this lyric and prove that our memory is still good…  The lyric can be in Chinese or in English, naturally.


Those good old days...




Date: 6/24/2004 12:22:24 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: tunghai 72 .. SingEvening


Hello Guys,

I have been away from home for a while and just got a chance to log onto the internet and enjoy all the recent e-mail correspondence among you friends now.

Thanks, Chi, for not revealing my favorite song ... Actually, I have enjoyed so many 50's -70's old songs through the years, I don't really know which one is my favorite ... I remember the "Carol King" "The Carpenters" The Bee-Gees" "The Breads" " Peter, Paul, and Mary", "The Beatles" ... they are all wonderful to bring up the old memory ... Certainly, how can I forget the Indonesian's song "Bu Zu Ga Ga To Wa Ha" during the freshman adventure of brother-sister dorm activity?  That was always in my permanent memory (Alzheimer won't destroy this part of the brain) ... Recently, I kinds of enjoying "it's a wonderful world" from Louis Armstrong.

Take care, all of you.  By the way, I am sending this e-mail from a public library in Maryland.  I am heading home tomorrow.

Teh-hsun "Bean"


Date: 6/24/2004 12:47:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: Bu Lu Ga Ga ……



How about this ...

”Bu Zu Ga Ga To Wa Ha”
”Min Tso Li Ya De La "
”Ni Ni So Da To Wa Ha”
”Gi Gi Ni Ya Tinga To Wa Ha”
"Nato Nato Nato Mon Na La"
"Nato Nato Nato Mon Na La"
"Nato Nato Nato Mon Na La" (higher pitch at "La" and pause a bit at the end)
"Bu Zu Ga Ga To Wa"

Still in a Maryland library ...


Date: 6/24/2004 8:24:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga ……


Dear Bean,


I know I can count on you guys. But, so quickly and so good… Have you seen a grown man cry? I almost did. Those great young days.


We have some unfinished job though. I know that the music is in our minds clearly, How about let’s get it out in print. It is all right to be in "simplified" form (i.e. in 簡 譜).     Well, Bean, be my guest. Talk to your wife nicely. Or, I need to dust off my old Chinese music instrument.




Date: 6/25/2004 1:34:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Eng/Phy/Math, Music, etc.


Der Shween: I'm impressed, since I don't remember that song at all. I remember a song one Chinese major sang: "There is a little girl sitting on a rock....". One of the Chinese Major went to that Dream Valley BBQ will come to 8/20 Re-union. We can sing together again.

Chia-Shing: As for your answer on the difference among Engineer/Physicist/Mathematician, I'll take it as a compliment to the engineer, such as Yours Truly, (me, being an engineer for past 27 years).

As for "Mountain and Water", I remember how Professor Chen Chin-Shing talked about the 3 stages of progress on "Seeing Shan & Shuei" at our first Primary Physics class. From a Buddhist point of view, I'm not even reaching the 2nd stage yet since I still have too much attachment in my mind.


Thanks for telling us about the music. I'll attend tomorrow's reunion meeting. Since I don't have any assignment yet. You can recommend me to help Lee Hong Long on the music session. I know one of his favorite is CCR's "Ah Xi" (I See...).

I'm sure we can get along well, since CCR's "Lodi" is my favorite. BTW, a town Lodi is about 1.5 hour north of here (San Jose, Cal). It might be the same Lodi that CCR got stuck.

Chi Kuang-Kai


Date: 6/26/2004 5:28:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Eng/Phy/Math, Music, etc.




How can we forget Professor Chen, Chin-Shing? He introduced the famous Feynman Lectures On Physics by Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize Laureate, to us in our freshman year. He really expected very highly from us. Thanks a million to him. Unfortunately, there was too much of a quantum gap for me. I couldn’t even handle the English that Feyman used in the lectures. In my mind, there was only one person in our class who could comprehend the English used in the lectures. Remember the “老美in our class? Well, he found us. Chester just updated our e-mail list with the “老美as the latest member. This is great.


After 劉獻奇 (Biology 15) passed down the presidency of the Chinese Music Club to me, he remained the president of Buddhism Study Club. Needless to say, these two clubs were quite close at the time.  I remember that I used to “下山once a week to have a vegetarian dinner. I did it for enjoyment at the time. I do it for fiber now. As a failed student to Buddha, I admire you even though you are just getting into the second stage.




Date: 6/26/2004 9:27:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Eng/Phy/Math, Music, etc.



In the Dream Valley BBQ trip, there was another song with the lyric of

"A big buffalo came down from the mountain ... long time ago" (repeat once)
"Long time ago .. o .. o .. o" (repeat once)
"A big buffalo came down from the mountain ... long time ago"

Maybe Andrew Chiu would comment on it since he is our Physics representative
in the Tunghai Holy-song Chorus.

Take care,


Date: 6/26/2004 5:31:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Bu Lu Ga Ga, Eng/Phy/Math, Music, etc.


Dear 德勳,


You are truly amazing. Even I am impressed this time, as I have no recollection at all of his song. You are a champion.


On the other hand, let’s just take one moment to study this one. Your long-term memory is excellent. Then, I heard you complained about forgetting things lately (even though it is not true). What does this tell us? You may be getting old…       In some ways, it is not so bad that we still can joke about getting old from time to time. I think we may not be so causal about this issue when we plan our 40-year re-union in the future.


Before you become too comfortable, I must tell you that I got some help from “高人” regarding “Bu Lu Ga Ga…”


(1) Burung kakatua       (Cakatoo bird…)
     Menclok di jendela   (sitting on a window…)
(2) Nenek sudah tua      (Grandma is old ....)
     Giginya tinggal dua  (her teeth are just two.)
(3) Tek-dung, tek-dung!  --- Drum sound
     Tek-dung, Tralalal !    --- Drum sound
    [drum sound REPEATED three times]
(4) Burung kakatua       (It is the Cacatoo!)


As you can see, even though we can’t compete with you in terms of memory, we make it up by hard work. On the other hand, it is a fact that you are very close to it. Considering that you don’t know the language, that you just picked the song up from simple instruction, and that 30 years have passed, it is simply amazing. You are a true champion.









Date: 5/28/2004 1:59:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: FW: 30-year reunion


Hi guys,

I have received so many e-mails lately from many of you, including
Chia-sing (the rich one in the west), Andrew (the rich guy in Taiwan), David
(is this the lucky one in Florida?), and Lily (our lady in the department). 
I guess I need to say something now.
Unfortunately, I have to leave the library because it is closing soon.
In brief, I will try very hard to attend the reunion.




Date: 5/29/2004 10:27:46 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject:  Re: FW: 30-year reunion


Hi Rich (Richard),


You started it, not me. If you call us rich, we will call you rich too. The rich one in CDC (Center of Disease Control). Did we learn this from somewhere? - "Every action has an equal and opposite re-action."


I thought we lost you for a moment. I am glad to hear from you. For people from Taiwan, I offered taking them to some nude beach. You know how embarrassing that can be, right? For you, I offer taking you guys out for some lobster dinner again, if you make it. It is really not that hard. You just need to book you plane tickets ahead of time and don't wait until the last minute. I suggest you to book a room for the reunion first. Just to make sure that you have a place to stay. You can always cancel it, if you cannot make it.


Going to the library? Sounds like you have a great life over there.


Looking forward to seeing you at reunion,





Date: 6/2/2004 4:41:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: FW: 30-year reunion


Hi guys,

It was embarrassing when I sent a short and incomplete e-mail out to all of  you last Friday.  I was using the computer in the university library (West Virginia University) when the library was ready to close for the memorial holiday long weekend.  Anyway, let me try to chat again.

At first, I need to say sorry to Wang Li-li, our lady in the Physics Department ... I never get a chance to visit you and Salt lake City when you were there ... I did go to Yellow Stone and Grand Tetons later, though, and had a wonderful time by camping there for about 10 days.

Next, Andrew Chiu, my room mate in the freshman year.  How are you? ...
Promise me that next time when I go back to Taiwan I will visit you and have  some old fun with you, okay?

How about David Wu (Shin-yuan) ... he is really incredible ... for the last who know how many years, he has always called me from either TX or CA when he visited in US ... each time, after I hung up the phone I always feel good to have such a friend from Tunghai ... I think I need to give him a visit too when I go to mainland ...

Oh ... almost forget ... Chi Kuang-kai may not know who I am ... remember my visiting you in Cinty about 27 yrs ago .. we swam in the university pool and went to the zoo to listen to the famous 1842 (?) with all the cannon balls flying on the sky of July 4th ... and I was learning how to sing the "long and winding road" by the Beatles ... Anyway, I am Chen Der-Shween ... the one and only Physics Tunghai 16th guy in the field of biophysics.

Although I have been in the States for a long time (as long as most of you), for some reasons I have never had a chance to live in a big city (e.g., SF, LA, DC, Boston).  I have stayed in Rochester, NY, for 6 years, met my wife and got married, moved to Albuquerque, NM, had a daughter and lived there for 13 years, and now have been in Morgantown, WV, for 8 years.  Wow, time flies fast ... My wife is a pianist ... my daughter is a Junior molecular biology major at Princeton ... my dog is 9-yr old and his name is gingerboy ... that's about it ... I do envy Chou Chia-sing for the three wonderful
daughters he and his wife have ... (I had the privilige to see two of them about 16 years ago ... beautiful and intelligent, indeed) ... One thing Chia and I do have in common is that we both feel young in our hearts, right? ... I am sure all of our Physic classmates feel the same youngfulness like in beautiful Tunghai campus 30 years ago ...

I have saved some money through the years ... just like most of you ... to pay for my daughter's tuition and may be medical school in another year or two ... At the same time, I am contemplating an early retirement plan in another 2 and half years ... certainly not as lucky as Hung Kuo-hong who has retired and enjoyed all the good stuff in Florida, right?

I don't know why ... may be still in my mid-year crisis ... but I have complained a lot since about 5-10 years ago (according to my wife and daughter) ... nagging may be the right term ... I could not remember I used to have such a personality when I was young and naive 30 years in Tunghai ... please shed some light on this puzzle ...

Last, but not least, I will try very hard to attend the reunion.  After all, Chester and others have spent quite an energy to put it together, right?  Also, it has been my dream to see all of you through the years ... Oh, before I stop I need to share with all of you that I am a christian now and have been heavily involved with the church activities for several years ...  Hmmm, come to think of it, I need to pray to the Lord to help me get rid of  my problem of nagging ... I will do it tonight.

God blesses all of you,



Date: 6/2/2004 5:09:38 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: FW: 30-year reunion

Dear Mr. wey-tsyr chen,

Can some one please send the "alias" list to clarify all the A.K.A, my mom told me not to talk/email to strangers.

Anyway apologize accepted.  Since you enjoyed camping so much, you are welcomed  to join my family in  our  beautiful Yosemite National Park on July 4th weekend for few days.  I have an extra tent reserved. We plan to biking, water rafting, backpack hiking, etc, I would  be happy to show you around.





Date: 6/2/2004 7:24:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Physic mailing Alias, try-out!


Oops!  The 1st Alias Only works on Lili Wong And Der-Chue Lee.  I'll try again.  Guo-Fu Ger-Min She-Re Tse Tsai Chen-Kun. (Revolution 12 times before succeed)

Kuang Chi wrote:

Responding to Lili's: Can some one please send the "alias" list to clarify all the A.K.A, my mom told me not to talk/email to strangers.  
(I can envision her voice and look of making such talks)  I made up this list of alias for our class. Hopefully it works.

Now, I try to "respond" more, and "initiate" less.  The later is related to my being  overly-aggressive, sometimes, of my younger days, in Tunghai.  
To top "Chen Der-Shween became a Christian",   I become a Buddhist and have been meditating/chanting every morning/evening (almost) for 2 years.  Grown-up in a Christian family and went to a Christian Univ, and finally become a Buddhist and memorized a lot of Sanskrit Chant.  Very interesting, Right?

Yah!  I know, my aggressiveness is still lingering, since I took the liberty to put Chinese name Alias to many of you, when I can not find it in Chester's (Der-Chue) table.  And also, I put First name Last to make you "feel at Tunghai"!

Forgive me!  

Der-Shween:  Which do you prefer?  A Sacred War or Singing " The Long and Winding Road", with me, at the Re-Union?

Chi Kuang-Kai  

PS. I pleasantly found that Lili, Chia-Shing, Tung, all kept our Mandarin name, just like me.


Date: 6/12/2004 3:51:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject:  Re:Physic mailing Alias, try-out!


Dear 光愷,


“Guo-Fu Ger-Min She-Re Tse Tsai Chen-Kun”…  What exactly does this mean? I am beginning to wonder what kind of alias list you can come up with. Do we have to learn some “Greek” first?


You might think that we forgot about you; forgot about picking on you. Not a chance. I am just a little under the weather. I am feeling better now…    Does this feel familiar to you?…     I can still remember back in those Tunghai days. The only way that we could tell if you had recovered from any illness was whether you picked on someone else or not. We would be relieved as soon as you started to pick on people, even when you were still lying in a bed…    Those “bad” old days…


I believe there is some concept in Buddhism that is similar to the Conservation of Energy, i.e. the total amount of energy remains constant. I believe the analogy in Buddhism is that the amount of food that one can have in his lifetime is constant. If one wastes food in his early days, it can run out when one gets older. I guess your aggressiveness may run out now that you become a Buddhist.


Kuang-Kai : Which do you prefer? Running out of your aggressiveness or… else?







Date: 6/4/2004 12:43:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: FW: 30-year reunion


I checked your e-mail about one hour before I left home and took a “red eye express” to Boston on Wednesday evening (6/2/04). I made a hard copy and enjoyed it during my flight. I had a very good sleep. (Don’t be sensitive. I went asleep after I read the e-mail, not during.)...    It is too bad that I didn’t have any dream about any of you guys. But, don’t be sensitive either...  It is me, probably. Short memory, perhaps... In any event, thanks a lot, Richard..... excuse me, that was last time. Thanks a lot, Der-Shween for the mail…..    Just a minute! Is this really how you spell your name? It sounds weird to me. It seems that you enjoy changing your English name a lot. Even though your English name is “Bean” now, was your name “Cooper” at one time?...   By the way, we have a Mini Cooper (it is a car). It is about 2 years old. We love it.


As for me, I don’t agree. As far as I know, you have a much better quality of life than me. I have nothing that you should envy about. As far as I can tell, you are already working on spiritual advancement while I am still struggling to improve my physical conditions.


As for 國宏, I totally agree. They have more than a thousand golf courses in Florida. One may easily be stuck in there for over 3 years, even if he/she plays one new golf course each and every day. What a life over there!


No, you are not nagging. You are just thinking out loud. In this case, you are thinking out loud about us- your old friends. It is okay. There is nothing wrong with that. Hakuna Matata. (This means “Don’t worry. Be happy.” in some kind of Africa language, I assume.)


Thank you very much for trying very hard to attend our reunion. My apologies to twist your arm a little. But, please, be sure to follow the proper protocol and get permission from you boss at home first! (Or, is it the other way around, when you are sure that she will not read your e-mail?) In any case, please don’t get in trouble. We still want you to have a happy life.


I got together with Albert Yang 楊 志 傑  (Architect), our master (web master), last night in Cambridge. This was the first time that we saw each other in 30 years. 30 years is a very long time indeed. I would never picture that he will become so incredible. As we already know that Architect people can build over 95% of the stuff that we see every day such as buildings, highway, and bridges etc. He can use computer now. As we also know that computer graphic design can create nearly 100% of the stuff that we see every day such as logos, advertisements, new fashion designs… etc. With a simple Math, suddenly I realize that he has the ability to create well over 100% of the stuff that we see everyday! Can a man do that? Maybe I did have a dream?









Date: 6/4/2004 2:47:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: FW: 30-year reunion



This is Der-Shween again.

Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing yesterday.
This is to the quiet, yet sophisticated brother form southern part of Taiwan
- Kaoshung, the Bookcase Prince Lin.  Guess what, Prince Lin?  My wife is
still using some of the cookware you gave us for wedding gift about 20 years
ago.  The quality of the ware is so good that Chinese oil and smoke can
hardly deteriorate them.  Amazing ... indeed.  Thank you for the memory ...
My wife and I have talked about the dinner we had in Monterey Park about 15
years ago with you, Chia, Eugene and the better other halves sometimes.  We
need to do it again (this time with more classmates) ...




Date: 6/7/2004 8:48:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: FW: 30-year reunion


Dear Der-Shween,


I am home now at last. Vicki really put me to work very hard for the four days  when I was in Boston. We even stayed up until 4 am on Sunday to clean up the house. Then, I got sick on the way home, of course. Immune system became weak and it was cold on the airplane. I can still remember when we stayed up a couple of nights in a row to play Ma-Chung and nothing would have happened. It is no fun to get old.


Well, Der-Shween (I kind of like it now after I get used to it), you are very good. Offense is the best defense. Why do you envy the rest of us? Based on the e-mail from Lili to you, we should envy you "period". You are the one who got the invitation.





Date: 6/16/2004 3:35:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Miscellaneous chat



Would you like to participate?  Perhaps we could arrange a Phys Asso.
(creepy/bizarre society gathering in the mist) or 525/526 gathering at
Tunghai.  Sorry ... too many ideas ...

By the way, how come I have not heard anything from him (Chang Yu-zheng)? 
Is his e-mail address on the list? Not interested in our discussion?  Too
busy to check e-mails?




Date: 6/16/2004 11:34:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Miscellaneous chat


Hi 德勳,


To get together at Tunghai for anything would be fun. I haven't been back for over 30 years now.


As for 張於正, I think most likely is because he is busy. Too many people want to talk to him. I bet he misses you at least.


“Hello, 張於正. Will you drop a few words to us? It's really not that hard. Just ask your cute secretary to type it for you. Or, perhaps, you are stuck in mainland and don't want to go home. "Everything is so big over there." as you told me once.













Date: 5/30/2004 10:39:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Tunghai 30 year class reunion


Max (魁明):


This is Chester Lee (李德恪).  I'm the coordinator for the Physics department.  A few minutes ago, I called your home and office and left a message for you. 


I have been able to locate almost all of our classmates for this reunion.  I could not find you and none of our classmates have your recent contact information.  I am so glad that you were able to find out the reunion, and have even registered for it already.  How did you find out about the reunion?  I assume you also know about the website that was developed for this event:  www.tunghai74.org ?


I will try to call you again.  Then we will be able to provide you with the e-mail addresses of our classmates.  I am sure everyone will be delighted to know how you are doing.  


Chester Lee 李德恪



Date: 6/8/2004 9:12:29 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject:  Updated Physics Department Contact Info - 6/8/04


Dear Classmates:


The list below has been updated with the most recent e-mail addresses.  I am glad to tell you that we have Max Lee (李魁明) added to this list.  The e-mail addresses for 周玉暮 and 沈國雄 have been added.  In addition, the e-mail address for 陳 德 勳 has been changed to reflect his preference.  We now have all of our classmates accounted for, except 李植孔.   I have already seen many e-mail exchanges between some of you sharing current status and old memories.  Please utilize this list to communicate with everyone. 


If there is anything you need from me or you have any suggestions, updates etc., please feel free to contact me.


Chester Lee 李德恪




Date: 6/8/2004 3:24:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Updated Physics Department Contact Info - 6/8/04



Thank you very much for your efforts. We now can get each other in trouble just like the old days. You are responsible for this…  I heard at one time that 李 植 孔 perhaps was teaching in the city where he came from. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea about the name of the city. It is a pity. On the other hand, there is only so much one can do.

Thanks again,





Date: 6/16/2004 3:12:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: My email address


Thanks, Chester, for the superb job.

I am able to see everyone's Chinese characters now (just using "unicode" in
the encoding). Unfortunately, I did not see the Chinese translation of Chi's "Memory of Chen, Chia-hwa".  Could anyone send me a copy?  Thanks.



Date: 6/16/2004 4:52:24 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: My email address


Please see if this works.    --Chester

德 勳 :

讀 了 你 的 來 信 , 提 到 你 對 許 多 老 同 學 的 懷 念  以 及 27年前 我 們 在 辛 辛 那 提 共 聚 一 週 的 往 事, 讓 我 回 想 到  "大 Monkey"。我 知 道 這 是 一 個 愴 然 的 話 題 ,但 是 如 果 我 們 能 夠正 視 死 亡, 也 許 我 們 也 能 夠 以 更 坦 然 的 態 度 去 正 視 生 命 ,你 說 是 嗎?

27年 前 你 來 辛 辛 那 提,家 驊 翻 船 意 外 去 世 的 記 憶 猶 新。你 告 訴 我 你 新 轉 學 去 羅 徹 斯 特 理 工 學 院 沒多, 你 與 家 驊 一 起 去 參 加 那 一 次 龍 舟 餐 敘 ;每 憶 及 此 事 , 你 不 禁 流 淚,無 法 抑 止。

你 說 在 睡 夢 裡 你 曾 見 到 他, 你 傻 傻 地 問: 「你 不 是 . ..  你 不 是 . . .走 了? 」 他 只 是 幽 幽 微 笑。

不 記 得 我 曾 否 告 訴 過 你 ,那 陣 子,我 也 做 過 類 似 的 夢。在 暗 夜 裡 我 慢 慢 地 跑 著, 前 頭 有 一 盞,燈 光 下站 著 一 個 人,我 只 能 看 到 他 的 背 影, 超 過 他 時 我 回 頭 望 了 一 下,是 家 驊。他 給 了 我 一 個 憂 傷 的 笑,我 繼續 往 前 跑。

過 去 27年 裡 我 又 夢 到 他 幾 次,最 近 的 一 次 是 三 個 月 前。在 夢 裡 我 們 面 對 著 面, 幸 運 地, 這 一 次 我 記得 在 夢 裡 對 家 驊 祝 禱。我 對 他 唱 誦 極 樂 世 界 的 祝 福:「阿 彌 陀 佛, 往 生 淨 土」。

即 使 在 唱 誦 時 我 也 知 道 這 是 一 個 夢 境,我 祈 禱 能 夠 在 夢 醒 前 把 往 生 淨 土 誦 完。終 於 我 唱 誦 完 畢,家驊 的 微 笑 似 乎 減 了 些 許 憂 傷,我 由 夢 境 中 回 醒。

我 知 道 這 只 是 一 個 夢, 可 是 每 一 次 想 到 這 一 個 夢,我 衷 心 寧 靜。


我 知 道,我 知 道,是 有 點 兒 癲 狂。但 是 誰 在 乎 呢?

我的 好 同 學 們, 若 是 這 封 信 讓 你 們 不 知 該 如 何 反 應, 請 接 受 我 的 歉 意。



Date: 6/17/2004 2:18:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: My email address


Thank you, Chester.  The translation is marvelous!  Partly because I am more Americanized (forgetting Chinese after all these years) or maybe because Chinese is intrinsically more poetic (the real reason, I think), I felt Chinese translation contains more deep-meaning stuff.

Thanks to both Brother Chi and Sister Lu, you two have made my memory more "deep meaningful".

I enjoy every word of it!




Date: 6/21/2004 11:22:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: FW: 2nd web posting




It is great job that you have done.  Please post it as is, as I have no changes.


I enjoyed reading the e-mail messages a lot between our classmates.  You have certainly got everyone's interest and started communicating.  I was talking to Kuang Chi the other day and I told him that I don't remember some of things mentioned in the e-mail.  I think I probably spent too much time playing pool and missed some memorable events with your guys. 


Thank you for all your efforts in the reunion event.




Date: 6/22/2004 1:37:09 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: FW: 2nd web posting




Thanks a lot for your kind words. I am hoping that this is just a warm-up and will start to talk some more about our memories at Tunghai. I have missed a lot of our college life myself. Too busy with Chinese Music Club and Badminton. In fact, this is how we can start our new phase of communication.


I really appreciated the communications from our classmates so far. It is really enjoyable. We'd better enjoy it during these days. Usually, the communication will basically drop to nothing right after re-union.




Date: 6/23/2004 1:44:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: One more name for you


Hi, De-Chue,


How are you doing lately?


Remember ¦Ñ¬ü (¿àÁn¦Ð,  or, Sheng-Yu Bob Lai )?  Although he's not with us at the graduation, he was one of us at the freshmen class of Physics Dept. when we started
that journey together.  Count him as one of your clan? Here's his e-mail for contact: boblai@ms25.hinet.net


Let me know should you have any question.




ChungHao Li


Date: 6/24/2004 9:36:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: RE: One more name for you


Dear Sheng-Yu:


I am glad that you can join us for the reunion.  I assume you have visited our website at http://www.tunghai74.org/ .  If not, please do soon ASAP.  There are a lot of information already about the event and you can find instructions for registration.  I would encourage you to register immediately for both the reunion and for Hotel booking.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


I would also like to include your contact information in our class directory.  Can you give me your telephone #, Fax #, Work #, address please? 


Very shortly I will notify our classmates in the Physics Department of your e-mail address.  You will see have access to everyone else's e-mail as well so you communicate with them.


Again I am happy to have located you - thanks to ChungHao Li. 


Chester Lee (李德恪)














Date: 5/26/2004 7:24:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: 30-year reunion


Dear Chia-Shing,

This is David (國 宏 ). Thank you so much for including me on the copy list of your email. First of all, allow me to send my regards to all of our classmates.

It’s very nice of you taking the driver seat to encourage the remaining classmates to attend the reunion. The new battle that Chester (德恪) is fighting not only shocked us, but also served as a reminder that life is unpredictable, and we really should treasure every moment we have. Therefore, I’d like to join your effort to rally for our 30-year reunion that will give us a chance to simply enjoy the ‘good young’ days.

Chia, I had already registered my family of 4 since 5/15, and also made hotel reservation in April, so you can take my name off your classmates-at-large list.

As of 5/26, the percentage of participation of our department is fairly good, but more will be better. Although 隆志 can’t join us this time, but for 信元, 浰莉, 德勳 and 宣璋, I sincerely hope that, as Chia suggested before, you can find time to attend this special event.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.




Date: 5/26/2004 11:09:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: 30-year reunion


Dear David,


It is so nice to hear from you. Indeed, I checked the attendance list after I sent out the mail this afternoon and found out that you have signed up. It is my mistake. My apologies. I was overwhelmed by Chester's news at the time and sent out the mail with a list going by my memory. Sorry about it... Yes. Let's rally together to have a great reunion. After all, how many old friends are around?


As far as I am concerned, Chester is the main contact person for our department. It was difficult for me to decide whether I should mention his chemotherapy or not, since it is a personal issue. I feel uneasy doing it without asking him first. Therefore, I didn't include him in the list. I hope he doesn't mind.


Now that you mentioned 宣璋. I may have made another mistake by assuming he is coming. I will follow up with a phone call to him and keep you posted.


Finally, our (Physices Department) communication wet page is quite empty. Let's see what we can do about it?


Best regards,












Date: 5/27/2004 11:48:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Mail of Reunion


Dear Chia-Shing,

I have received the mail forwarded from Shanghai, last Friday we talked over the phone.

I am still in Houston waiting for the closing, I  finally have the UA ticket on June 3. If I get the my job done here by tomorrow, I may try to go back on May 30.

Like I said from the very beginning that I do like to attend the reunion, even in the night of May 25 I had the dinner with Wen Han(Architecture) & her husband. As always, I like to meet all the old friends every possible way. Wen has the breast cancer operation since 2002 in Houston. She was the Tina's roommate.

I will try my best to get to the reunion.I have attended the 20-year reunion in 1994 at Tunghai campus.

Thank you for the effort you put in!

Hsin Yuan



Date: 5/28/2004 6:44:59 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Re: Mail of Reunion


Hi David,


I am glad that you check your  e-mail while you are on the road. I know you always like to meet with old friends. To my understanding, that is what you enjoy doing when you are back to US every time. I know you will try to make to this reunion and hope you can make it.


Looking forward to seeing you at reunion,