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: 陳助
Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 11:50 PM
Subject: Old Tunghai roommates get-together

The following are some recent get-together events that we would like to share with our Tunghai friends.

We took a trip to southern California in Feb and had a chance to meet up with Jerry (陳憲焜) and his wife (芳芸). It's amazing that since we last met over10 years ago they have not changed much at all. I attached a picture to prove my observations.

David Hahn (杭國宏) and his wife, Joanne, visited us in March. We had a great time exchanging our recent stories. David also showed us his outstanding culinary skills. We had a wonderful and healthy lunch. Attached are some pictures we took during their visit.

Best regards.
John (陳肋) and Wei Wei (虞薇薇)