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From: 許履塵
Date: 2011/9/12
Subject: RE: 與稟彬同學聯絡上了!

Dear Bing Bing :

Thank you for your response, 世雄 is in NJ with FP, my brother in law used to work there. He moved to TX several years ago. I have been retired from IBM after 25 years of service. ITRI 工研院 is my third job. First one is with US Phillips which last for 2 years.

Hi! Albert, please add my info to your list. My personal contacts are listed below. Please come to visit me while you are around. Yesterday, I found 伍月華 past away in NY, is that true? So sad, I lived in Upstate NY for about 25 years, and never knew she is also stationed in New York aera. Life is short, isn't it?

I changed my field from Chemistry to Chemical engineering and later to Electrical engineering (Columbia Univ.), because I think it is better to stay away from Chemicals as far as I can. This is pretty much what happened to me.

Do you have 蕭耀地, 魏玉塵 contacts? I remember these buddies....

Please keep in touch. Have a safe trip!