2007-04-30 - This is what I am doing to lease out the space available, bought and under renovation (4F done, 5F finished by May)  Please pass the fly around to friends who look for office space in Shanghai.  -- David Hsin Yuan Wu (物理系吳信元)

▼2006-12-28 - 吳信元訪 New Jersey- 張泰山(化工) 鄭世雄(化工) 吳信元(物理) 劉隆毅(政治)  

2006-12-30 - 吳信元訪舊金山 - 余光龍(社會), 李慶祥(生物), 朱建華(中文), 許洛美(社會), 吳信元(物理), 顏武健(數學)