From: Edward Tao 陶宏鼎
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 08:50:43 -0500
Subject: Re: fog in Taipei & Best Wishes from Shanghai

> (劉隆毅返台陪父母過節)
> Yes, I'm in Taiwan with my parents.
> "樹欲静而風不止, 子欲養而親不待".


I share your view on the lost of parents. How precious it is to have their voices and presence near by, what a loss when it is no longer there!!! Something i have been missing for a long long time....

Now, my best wishes:

Sending Off 2007 and Welcoming 2008 with Warm Greetings from the Tao’s

Dear Tunghai classmates:

What a Year 2007 has been!! It is in this spirit of saying goodbye to a wonderful year, we are embracing the even better year in 2008.

Weiming and Ed (宏鼎) have been in China over 21 months--16 months in Weihai(威海) and 5 months in Shanghai(上海). We are by fate, moving toward the coasts, or “hai” (海) : Weihai, with its beautiful beaches, fresh air and abundant seafood have impressed us much, we bought a cozy “ocean front” apartment at a place called “Half Moon Bay”. Shanghai has been a total change of pace as we are witnessing the growth and speed of the new modernizing China first hand. It is exciting! For me (Ed), the best part is to be able to meet so many old friends, while making new friends.

Each of the Tao family members have been doing well. With her distinguished service and special award from the Mayer of Weihai, Weiming has decided to retire from her current post – CFO/General Manager for Cooper China JV at the end of Feb., 2008. We bought a “golden nest” to prepare for the golden years in Laguna Woods, California (near Irvine). In the mean time, I will prepare to close out my Quality consulting business here in China (more to come later). Ben has been doing very well on his new passion of language learning through his high tech (“”) website. Vicki has been exploring new avenues of art, recently completing an animation class where one of her animations was featured at a film festival attended by over 50 well established professionals. She is planning to pursue graduate studies in art during the upcoming Spring at Claremont University (in Los Angeles). Right now both Vicki and Ben are visiting us in Shanghai, polishing their Chinese and witnessing China first hand. So far, besides Shanghai, Vicki has been to Nanking, and will be traveling to Beijing and Xian along with her boyfriend Bill. She will also have the opportunity to meet her newly found 2nd cousin – Pang Tan, a rising singing star in Beijing.

As time flies by, we really wanted to express how much all of you mean to us. Even though many of us are separated by great distance, and some we haven’t had a chance to meet in a long time, we feel very fortunate to have all of you in our lives. One would be asking: “What Else can be more valuable than a good chat with old friends or Family members?” With that, we wish you and your family a very prosperous and enriching New Year in 2008!! Feel free to call us, send us a note, or better yet, come by to visit us if you can.

Ed, Weiming, Ben and Vicki