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Thanks very much for the DVDs. I sincerely appreciate those friends' hard working to make the reunion happen and the genius to create the web.

Since my mom passed away three weeks ago, I did not feel doing anything besides routine work; but I watched two DVDs. It is so harsh to accept the fact even I knew it would happen sooner or later when I visited her on Thanksgiving holidays last year.

I watched DVDs till 2:00 am. I was so emotionally touched seeing the old friends in my laptop. I could not recognize some faces that I knew at the first glance. Once the name was told, all memory came back. As a working mother, I have never contacted any friend from Tunghai.  I had no time to miss the past. These DVDs made me flash back the four years of life at Tunghai. All are so vivid. However, the most memorable experience at Tunghai was that I knew my shepherd's voice right before I left. The blessings have been with me since then. When I fell, He carried me. When I was strong, He walked beside me. The most ironic impact was that I would never study literature. It was just like what 高芳錦 said that she would never do anything related to sociology. I came to States studying computer science in 1982. I love my work as a programmer, learning new tools, designing system, writing codes, and debugging. Isn't it great someone pays you doing your favorite work?

The attached is the picture, I promised 焦靖海, with my daughter Rebecca 19 and my son Joseph 12. Rebecca is in UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), 20 minutes from my house. Joseph is in 6th grade. My husband, Bosco, is taking picture. As an art major, he owns a framing shop "American Art Make-A-Frame" at
11770 Parklawn Dr., Rockville, MD.

Diana Zia
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