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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 16:08:16 +0800 (CST)
Subject: 來自元智大學總務處的一個訊息

該校企管系尤克強教授, 本校第16屆工工系畢業校友上星期三因肺腺癌住院, 上星期五病危, 並於今天(3/11)上午病逝接獲此訊息深表遺憾

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From: Edward Lin 林逾先
Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 2:35:54 AM
Subject: RE: 尤克強 病逝

Dear All,

The sudden pass-away of KC (尤克強) is an emotional shock to all of us, especially to me who was his dorm roommate in Tunghai during our sophomore year. I have not met KC since our graduation in 1974 until 1999 when I served as the visiting professor at YZU (元智大學) during my sabbatical leave from Canada . KC was the first dean of business school at YZU at that time. He has made some historical movements in advancing the management education in Taiwan . He is always proactive in tackling the issues than reactive to them. I suppose this is one of the keys to his success. His determination and tenacity are also something that contributes to his success.

While I envy his seemingly endless energy at YZU, the concerned of his health was in my mind from time to time. I understand that he was alone in Taiwan with his family living in the U.S. , but we hardly touched his family issues during our conversation. I had met him one more time after I return to serve as the dean of management school at NTUT (國立臺北科技大學) in Taiwan . He was invited to give a speech of his academic administration experience to NTUT administrators. I did not see him ever since although I often read the news of his achievements from the media in Taiwan .

I regret that I would not be able to attend KCís memorial service because I am out of the country on that date. However, I am sure that the memories of KC will always remain in our heart.

Ed Lin 林逾先

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From: Lin Tony
Subject: RE: 尤克強 病逝

Dear all:

Thanks for JT Tsai's info. I believe it was a shocking and sad news for all of us, especially to me and A-Wan (許清元) when we had a reunion gathering with KC(
克強) just a week before he died. At that gathering, we found that he was limping and didn't look good as compared to his usual healthy and sunny image.

According to KC, it was caused by too much drinking in his high school alumni reunion during Chinese New Year holidays. We had lunch together and chat for about 2 hours before he had to go back to his class in TPE Jiao-Tung Univ (交通大學).

KC and I has kept in contact on and off since graduated from Tung-Hai. I still can remember KC and his ex-wife visited my home after he received post-doctorate offer from MIT, and during the summer of 1987 we constantly met in MIT as I was attending a summer session there and subsequently for another 3-month session in Boston. After I retired in 2003 I came back to Taiwan every 2-3 months we would get together if schedule allowed (and normally with A-Wan).

Many of us know KC is a well accomplished scholar in both academic and administrative fields, but not many people know KC is also a poet. I didn't know he was so gifted in this area until KC sent me his first poetry, and he has published another two poetries since.

It is sad to see a good old friend died so young and so sudden. But I am sure KC will be remembered by us all.

Take Care and May God Bless All

Old Man Tony 林力

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From: JT Tsai 蔡禎騰
Subject: Re: 尤克強 病逝

Old classmates:

My office was informed by Yuan Tze U of Dr. Yu's sudden tragedy on 3/11. Yu's younger sister, Dr. Yu Chu-Fang (尤菊芳), is an assistant professor at Tunghai's Foreign Language Dept. I talked to her a couple of times since. A memorial service will be held at Yuan-Tze on 3/21. The formal announcement is being prepared. I'll email it to you all via email once I have it.

Chu-Fang told me his brother had never complained about any illness until last week. He felt short breath and was admitted into hospital last Wed. He was found to be at stage four lung cancer and stage 3 lymph gland cancer. He was operated upon last Friday and never became conscious again. His son rushed back from the States to see him before the doctors pronounced him dead. Ke-Chiang was a gentleman and fine scholar. He was always passionately devoted to things he was involved in. I miss him very much.

J Tsai

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From: Edward Tao 陶宏鼎
Subject: Re: 尤克強 病逝

Oh, What a Shocker!!

I just came back from a cruise to Mexico, please keep us posted on the funeral arrangement. Any classmate has information about the family members? Let's keep in touch and do what we can to help out!!

Take Care everyone!!

Ed Tao
Laguna Woods, California

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From: Chih-Ming Liu
Sent: Sun, March 14, 2010 10:36:01 PM
Subject: RE: 尤克強 病逝

得知尤克強病逝 , 真是一個令人震驚的消息 !

記得大學時期 , 大家稱呼他"神童" , 因為他在讀書方面有過人的領悟力。果然他在後來的教學與研究工作上 , 有很突出的表現。特別是在英語的翻譯與學習上 , 居然能夠發展出一套獨特的系統 , 並受邀到台灣和大陸各學術機構演講 , 對於學理工的人來說 , 真是不容易 ! 另外他在管理領域方面也有獨到的見解 , 所以被譽為台灣EMBA之父 , 因為他在元智大學開創了台灣第一個EMBA program。且後來又完成了一本有關策略管理的重要著作。他是一個很有實踐力的學者 , 能夠將前瞻性的見解 , 實際推動起來 , 就如元智大學的EMBA program和突破性的英語教學方式 , 都引起台灣各著名大學群起的學習與效法 。

我們能夠擁有這麼一位傑出的同班同學 , 真是我們的榮幸 ! 只可惜克強實在走得太快了 ! 在我的記憶中 , 他是能文能武 , 練過武術 , 身體很好 , 精神煥發。沒料到竟突然病危逝世 , 真令人感傷 ! 我想他為了自己的理想 , 耗盡了心力 , 努力宣揚新的英語教學法和致力於EMBA人才的栽培。他實在為整個社會付出了許多 , 相信一定會被很多人紀念的 !

[約翰福音12:24-24] 說到:"一粒麥子不落在地裡死了 , 仍舊是一粒 , 若是死了 , 就結出許多子粒來。"相信克強用生命為台灣英語教學與EMBA推廣所播下的種子 , 必定會結出更多的果子 , 成為後代的祝福 ! 也願以這樣的生命互勉:不管我們生命的麥子是埋在哪裡(埋在家裡 , 栽培小孩; 和服事太太;或是埋在教育界 , 栽培學生;或是埋在企業界 , 增產報國;Ö) , 但願都能夠成為周遭人的祝福 ! 同時也與各位親愛的同學互勉:好好鍛鍊身體 , 修身養性(屬靈生命的長進) , 不要走得太快 , 以免辜負了神給你的恩賜 , 才能夠在地上服務與祝福更多人 !

我跟鐵牛(黃榮勝)隱居在西雅圖的美麗森林與湖泊旁 , 每週到同一個教會聚會 , 偶爾互邀聚餐交談 , 在地如同在天 , 享受在東海一般(但是沒有考試或作業的壓力 ! )弟兄姊妹和睦同居的生活 ! 希望能夠多活幾年 , 繼續享受住在女生宿舍(在東海時無法享受到的 ! 因為我有三個女兒 , 分別是25,22,和10歲 , 以及一個美麗賢慧的太太 , 是東海政治系畢業的 ! 他在還沒有與我結婚前 , 是最討厭工工系的同學 , 因為林力和歐陽逸新等同學常在東海常辦一些"品管不良的舞會" , 以致在東海女生宿舍中風評不佳 , 害我差一點討不到太太 ! )的快樂 !

常常平安喜樂 !


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From: Gary Chiang
Subject: Re: 尤克強 病逝

Really a shock when I received the news this morning!!

I have been planning my trip to Asia in mid April and was thinking to re-unite with old classmates including him, for the old time sake, during my stay in Taipei...

Take good care of yourself, my old friends.

Gary Chiang 姜燿樟

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From: Wen Shih
Subject: 尤克強 病逝

I am shocked and feel very sad about this news. The last time I saw him in Taiwan in 2004, he was so healthy and so young. Standing next him, I look like his dad's generation. If you are attending his funeral, please send my condolences.


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